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Art (Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo…Eroticism, Illustration, Power & nature)

I previously presented a very erotic piece (at least to me and I believe many) of  Wilco Ruineman’s  The Woman and the Fish. Lissi wrote to me to check out Boris Vallejo’s 1996 work called Wet. Quite similar in image, erotic power and a fish. As a result, I perused Vallejo and Julie Bell’s works…something for everyone if you like flesh, muscle, power and fanciful surroundings. Definitely worth a search especially if one likes epic heroines and hero’s. Also, check their blog out. 

The Order of Wolves~Julie Bell

The Order of Wolves~Julie Bell


Woman & Fish (wilco ruinemans’ art~nose art potential for the drift boat?)

Woman and Fish ~ Wilco Ruinemans

Woman and Fish ~ Wilco Ruinemans

I can only guess. Insanely provocative I know…I hesitated to post it as what would you call it…sex for sex sake…but I was querying women and fly fishing in Google Images and there it was. Ruinemans’ site offers little in the way of an explanation for his works. But, because he appears to be adept with the airbrush techniques, I considered it interesting to the nose art that I find fascinating and frankly the sexuality of the nose art and this piece is plain sexy. No apologies for that.  Airbrush work by Wilco Ruinemans would take nose art to a new level. Of course, this work would not be PC for a Defense Dept. canvas. Perhaps rather than the same old tired gear logos a drift boat could have a new angle. In addition too, an occasional tweak to PC would be welcome…because you will soon be a rebel to even suggest it.  (

Also, check out Boris Vallejo for seemingly similar and erotic work: (thanks to Lissi)

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