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Let the ‘process’ work, for once!


Pebble Mine Update?

Hot button topic a few years ago. Much angst was generated against the then current administration. It appears that Obama et al (Browner/Salazar/USACE/BLM) are receiving a pass. This recent critique is somewhat tame with ‘apparently” and “maybe”. Pretty tepid. Pretty wimpy. Pretty trusting considering how much they are mucking up everything else. Also, given the Obama monies to PetroBras and the Soros investments in Platinum Group Metals (PMG) too much trust here is not deserved. Oh, please, spare me any Media Matters or HuffPo drivel. The focus on coal mining reforms should not distract from the Bristol Bay threat.

Pool 32 Mag & NatGeo provide  yet another visual and mental reminder that this whole issue of minerals v. fish; risk v. habitat is still there, and it is about time the pass for Obama et al stops!


NatGeo & Bristol Bay Overview



Hungary: Second Toxic Spill Likely

Workers are rushing to create dams to stop the additional leaking of 3 toxic pools. A current wall, that remains, is likely to breach. Company exec arrested.

“The sludge from last Monday’s spill reached the Danube — Europe’s second-largest river — on Thursday, raising fears of wider contamination in Hungary and countries downstream, including Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine.

Water test results released Friday, however, indicated the sludge may not harm the Danube after all. The pH level of the Danube water was only slightly higher than normal.

The exact chemical composition of the sludge has not been revealed, but aluminum processing normally involves compounds that include cyanide, cadmium and chromium.”  (more CNN)     (Aerial view)


Pebble Mine (AK to UK) April 15th Meeting with Anglo American

htfish01“Alaska Native leaders and other concerned U.S. citizens will take their protest against Anglo American’s proposed Pebble Mine project to London next week. The group plans to appear at the company’s April 15th shareholders meeting after holding a press briefing and attending the U.K. premiere of “Red Gold” at Hub/Kings Cross UK Angler. More details available on the new AK2UK Web site.


Bristol Bay (Pebble Mine?) (hearings coming…rhetoric of could’s and might’s abound)


I have posted this piece from the Bristol Bay Times. It is informative on several fronts depending upon one’s position re Pebble Mine, Bristol Bay fisheries, off shore drilling, eco agitprop or enviromental issues, AND hearings re Bristol Bay (most importantly).

Verner Wilson III was born and raised in Dillingham. He salmon fishes in Bristol Bay every year and recently graduated from Brown University with a degree in environmental studies. He now works for the World Wildlife Fund, Kamchatka/Bering Sea region, in Anchorage.” 

“On April 14, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will be holding a public hearing in Anchorage to hear public comments on offshore drilling in Alaska. If you are in Anchorage, please join us in providing your testimony. If not, you can sign the petition “Fishermen for Protecting Bristol Bay from Offshore Drilling,” which I am proud to say that more than 650 Bristol Bay fishermen have signed so far. We are trying to get even more for Salazar’s visit, and will put all names of people who sign in an advertisement. You can visit Nunamta Aulukestai’s office on Main Street in Dillingham, or e-mail me at to sign.”

Wilcher Award: 2004 Award Recipient 

Verner Wilson III

Verner Wilson is the son of Verner Wilson of Dillingham and Jackie Wilson from Savoonga/Nome.  He first became involved in environmental issues through an Alaska Youth for Environmental Action-sponsored trip to Juneau.  Since then, his infectious spirit has inspired others to become involved and aware of environmental health in his Dillingham community. Verner launched the Dillingham AYEA chapter. He has received statewide recognition of his efforts, including a 2003 Spirit of Youth Award for his efforts to maintain a healthy environment where Alaska Natives can continue their cultural traditions. He spoke on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) as a youth panelist at the Alaska Native Health Board in 2003. At the conference, he stated: “To continue our traditional ways and to pass them on to our children . . . we must protect our environment, our animals and their habitat. By protecting these things, we are protecting our tradition, culture, and way of life.”

So, if Salazar is scheduled for hearings re Bristol Bay, then the Pebble Mine issue is hopefully looming and the outreach should begin. Somehow, I am leery of the motives of so many enviro’s ….I am sorry to say, I see it as a vehicle toward greater restrictions and crushing conformity. I refuse to kneel at the Religious Altar of Green. I know, sacrilegious to utter this anymore. I believe it is a trap of could’s, maybe’s, might’s, probably’s calculated to steer you where those that spout that relentless mantra are hellbent on controlling so many aspects of our life. Mr. Wilson  smoothly touches upon all the right buttons of class envy, demonization, anti corporate, anti oil, alternative energy, global warming, the sky in falling. I am all for controlling drilling, mining, logging, the works..BUT not destroying the industries.  The intent is not balance. The die is cast…something is fishy besides Bristol Bay. But, I suspect it is too late. The young ‘bots like Mr. Wilson chant the repetitive mantra. 

The Altar:  “One way this free-range spiritual thinking has played out is how love of nature and to some extent the environmental movement itself have become the accepted secular faith here.”

FELINE INFIDEL: Kill Your Cat, They Are Anti-Green (what would PETA say?)

“The rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious. The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly… it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”— Joseph Goebbels Nazi Propaganda Minister

Then, all the ‘bots pickup the message and group speak it as well. It all must be true, right?


Red Gold Showing (Portland, Oregon-April 16, 2009)

RED GOLD tells the stories of the people and places of Bristol Bay, Alaska (the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery) while also exploring the debate around the proposed Pebble Mine (what would be North America’s largest open-pit mine built in the headwaters of Bristol Bay). Since its release last year, RED GOLD has been winning awards around the country at various film festivals, including “People’s Choice” at both the Telluride and Banff Film Festivals.

When: April 16th, 2009, doors open @ 5:30 PM, film starts at 6:30PM
: Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
: $3
: purchase tickets at door
Co-sponsored by Slow Food Portland


Pebble Mine Angst (Good Overall Synopsis)

Browner and Obama: Your Position re Alaska State Lands going to Hell?,0,7398074.story

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