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Yellow Jacket Nest (Mania, Insania, Pyromania)

Few things annoy or scare me more than a yellow jacket’s nest. Just a month ago, I was moving my daughter out of a house and a yellow jacket’s nest was evident, in a hole, beneath the front porch. I was uneasy as we moved her belongings (how does a little girl accumulate so much stuff?) out the door and down the porch. We finished without incident.

Yesterday, I let the dogs out the back door. I decided to do a bit of watering. I did the opposite of most people (who tidily store their hose after each use), I turned on the hose and knew the end was over in a direction near the deck. I could hear it running. I walked over to secure the business end of the hose and there was the business end of a yellow jacket’s nest. Agitated and impossible to track, the yellow jackets were moving in all manner of directions because of the running water. I could see the two inch hole and too many to count yellow jackets. I retreated and abandoned the idea of watering.

What’s the big deal you might ask. Leave them alone. Well, I have had three encounters with yellow jacket nests that did not fair well. Two with me getting attacked and one with my two older boys being savagely attacked. The existence of a nest unleashes a sort of revenge factor in me. 

I went out this morning to do just that. It was barely first light, say 0645 hrs. I had a plan. I won’t share it, because you’d think me crazy, dangerous and even perhaps cruel (seriously screw that…they need to be dead; I don’t care about their place in the pest eating scheme of things about now). They were already a blur of activity. My head lamp revealed dozens in a cloud of activity above the hole and steady stream of others heading out from the nest. The quiet time was not then to unleash my plan. I chose to retreat. Maybe tonight?

Of course, all the resources say the yellow jackets will die off in the Fall. Maybe I should wait. But, it is revealing of my nature to exact revenge for wrongs that took place decades ago. Now don’t confuse yellow jackets with bees. They are not of the same family. They belong to wasp family. They can sting repeatedly. I can attest to this. Ok, I have put the matches away. The shed door is locked.

Pouring gasoline on a nest is NOT the way to control yellow jackets. Gasoline will sterilize the soil, get into groundwater, and evaporate into the air we breathe. Gasoline is a mixture of materials, some of which are known carcinogens. When gasoline gets on you it is readily absorbed through the skin, which can also cause a chemically burn. Gasoline has become a popular cure for yellow jackets, with some people pour gasoline into a yellow jacket nest and then light it.  One gallon of gasoline has the explosive force equal to 83 sticks of dynamite, which is not good for our environment or our health. Please never attempt to control yellow jackets with gasoline!” RockDaleCounty.Org   (Obviously a volunteer fireman; Who would put a gallon of gasoline down a hole beneath his deck, which is attached to his house? 🙂 )

“First, decide if the nest actually poses a risk. If it is out of the way, it may be prudent to wait and let the nest die naturally in the fall. If removal is necessary, apply an approved insecticide directly into the nest opening. Use an approved “Wasp and Hornet” spray that propels a stream of insecticide 15-25 feet. Treatment is most effective in the evening when the majority of the insects are in the nest. Be sure to dress appropriately. Wear eye protection, a long-sleeved shirt, trousers and boots, and secure your sleeves and pant legs. Establish an unobstructed escape route and be ready to move quickly away if any of the bees fly towards you. If you require illumination, use a flashlight covered with red cellophane for light – wasps cannot see red. You may need to repeat the treatment two or three times on consecutive evenings. As there is some risk of being stung, you may wish to seek professional help. After a nest has been removed, be sure to fill any openings to prevent future entry.”  Master Bee Keeper


Drano Bottle Bombs

I generally shy away from alerts re computers viruses, scams or Obama’s birth certificate. I thought this one interesting to share considering cleanup projects.  A little scrutiny of suspicious bottles. Would be hard in major cleanup.

Drano Water Bottle Bomb Alert (SwittersB)

Bottle Bombs & Snope’s Confirmation………………The Dipshits That Make These


Fly Tying: Are The Materials Sacred?

I was just recently talking to a friend about a beginning fly tying class they had just completed. My friend remarked how the instructor embarrassed the beginning tier in front of the classmates for failing to properly cut the material for use on the fly. The not so delicate implication was the student was being disrespectful to the material, wasteful and to the creature that had given up its hide in the process by not cutting the material from the hide close enough. Hmmm? Seriously?

Now, I appreciate there are endangered critters out there protected and hence we most probably should not use the critter’s fur, hair or feathers because of that protected status. But, beyond that is it coming to the point that now the materials are sacred?

BS I say. My $$$, my choice to hoard, waste or share. Such foolery! Like moralizing away over the waste not, want not, ways of utilizing every ounce of a harvested whale or cariboo.

Save it righteous one for bigger issues. Like all the premium hackles being scarfed up for head bands, hair weaves and earrings. What say you pious one to that?


Tonya Harding Pregnant & then ………………..

I awakened this morning to the dizzyingly, terrific news that the NW skating ‘legend’ Tonya Harding (Price) is pregnant. I was ecstatic over the trash gene pool being extended in the Pacific NW. Then again, maybe there is another triple axle gene in there. Then my day descended, as my week pretty much has, (did anyone notice some odd forces at play this week? Full moon stuff?) into a morass of regrets. Two days ago, my Blackberry completed its’ own triple axle into the toilet and despite all manner of efforts to dry it out, it is kaput. But, things were about to get worse.

Now, an immensely bigger fumble on my part: I transferred hundreds upon hundreds of family pics from my computer to an external hard drive to free up needed gigs. I have done this before. No probs. So, as I moved a folder over into the external gizmo (without verifying they actually loaded!…they always had before) I ERASED the folder from my computer. On and on I went freeing up 20 gigs of space…..that is  how many pics I had stashed on the hard drive.

Woe is me! They did not load for whatever reason. I cannot find them cued up and waiting. Gone. Some, many of these photo’s, were priceless treasures.Hundreds of pics of flies too.

So, verify the transfer, then and only then dump the duplicate folders. Ok, maybe I was too hard on Tonya Harding.

Update re my stupid move: Well, at least I did one thing correctly…I had previously subscribed to Carbonite. Well, despite the fact that I had indeed deleted the entire files, Carbonite had originally backed up those pics and based upon a tip from FB pal Mara, I found them. The restore mode will take awhile, but it will be worth the wait.


Wide Industrial Corridor (Bumps in the Windy Road)

Came upon the issue (via Terry Edelmann @ FB) of the rather sneaky (or we were asleep, or both) Tar Sands Development and the intrusive transportation corridor for materials for development for the extraction of the Tar Sands oil reserves in Northern Alberta, Canada. (Kearl Oil Sands Project)

The attached links will explain that the much of the materials come in via ship from South Korea and elsewhere to the port at Vancouver, Washington. From there the oversized components are barged up the Columbia River to Lewiston, Idaho and then these somewhat massive loads are trucked on precarious roadways up through Idaho and Montana and then into Northern Alberta where they will be assembled for the extraction process.

What is shocking is the little attention this has received until recently (or, I was not paying attention). I find some remarks about it back in 2009 and a lot of eco angst about the whole Tar Sands issue in Alberta. But, there was an almost off the radar coordination here regarding the inland transportation of extraction components. Public hearings were held by Imperial Oil (Exxon-Mobil). (oh, don’t forget Conoco-Phillips is involved here as well).

But, it is evident the buy offs had to have been raised some time back to get the green light to enter a US port, get approval to off load and then reload for a push up the Columbia River, move up through all those dams, utilize the Lewiston port and then most amazingly transport hundreds of over sized loads on roads that will require power line alterations, over pass alterations, turn out alterations, and most importantly to most reading here potentially deform watersheds, fisheries and the recreational industries of Idaho and Montana (Alberta too?).  No studies? No permitting process? Just a big ass green light to proceed.

I have attached several links. One in particular provides comments re the feasibility of much more commerce via this route into Canada and into the US mid west. So, this expanded wide industrial corridor via the mighty Columbia…up through the dams and then by roads, through a way of life we appreciate, idealize, worship, or lead is for many a big middle finger. This is a precursor to greater plans for these routes.

I have attached these links because they are somewhat thoughtful and at least written in a thoughtful tone as opposed to the ecobot’s the sky is falling.  Go to any posts re Tar Sands if you need your hysterical fix.

This is one instance where Washington, Idaho and Montana snuck one by the citizens in a big ass way. As this grotesque convoy scrapes, erodes, defiles its way East and then North some serious questions should be asked of representatives that shrugged, ignored, or accepted no significant impact reports. In this day in age, this is not like building the railroad or as one said honoring Lewis and Clark and Jefferson’s vision.

USA Today Tar Sands Invasion Advocates West

Transportation Report Montana Misssoula News

“…is one of approximately 250 currently proposed for a new permanent industrial corridor through the Northwest. Over the next three decades, existing contracts between oil corporations and Asian manufacturers could result in thousands of shipments traveling this corridor, clogging roads on most days of the year.”      All Against The Haul

Obama Administration comment?


Sneaker Waves….Be Careful & Not Shy

Angel of Grief

I am mindful, as two Oregon teens perish from a ‘sneaker wave’ that swept them off the rocks on the Oregon Coast, of two things: First, do not trust the seemingly routine ebb and flow of the waves on the Oregon Coast ………

“…the body of 18-year-old Connor Gregory Ausland was found and that authorities have yet to find 17-year-old…”

“Three men have drowned after being swept to sea by a rogue wave…”

“A romantic marriage proposal on the Oregon coast turned deadly for the bride-to-be when a wave swept her out to sea.”

“The waves were so high, they were crashing over the pole at the end of the pier,” said Bulawka, a schoolteacher. “I kept watching. I just thought they (a couple) would stop. They kept going. And then they were gone.”

“The State Police said two teenagers have drowned after waves swept them off a rocky outcropping on Oregon’s central coast and into the ocean….”

Secondly, ‘your kids’ (be they your blood children, nieces, nephews, students, friends of your kids). Spring is coming. Energy abounds. A heightened state comes particularly for Seniors. Don’t be shy to caution them re their driving (speeding, passing), texting and driving, drinking and driving, outdoor pursuits, swimming, celebrating. Each Spring the loss of young ones spikes as a result of that energy and beckoning freedom. The heartache is too much to bear for such a needless loss. You have nagged them this far, don’t stop now (even if you are trying to given them their space). Sobering I know. That’s ok, you have a party to go to and I am headed out fishing. Have a nice day.


Wild Steelhead in Seattle Restaurant? Damn Ballsy

Well someone smacked their balls soundly enough to get it pulled from the menu. Dumb. Permanently boycott the bastards at Ray’s Boathouse I say….. Shooting Head (for more)

Now my story won’t get any recognition, but I thought it timely. I was exiting a SE Portland Safeway when I looked up and there on the backside of a non-trendy restaurant (there are actually a few in Portland) was a marquee highlighting Steelhead & Steak, nightly for $10.95.

Country Bill's and Aqua Steelhead (SwittersB)

I called and nicely enquired about the freshness of the Steelhead and the source. The bubbly waitress (now you know it was a non-trendy restaurant…the waitress was not a pinched, pretentious twit) told me the Steelhead was delivered by Pacific Seafood.

A quick on line review of Pacific Seafood, a Portland based company, revealed the source of their Steelhead: ” The steelhead used for both products is sourced from parent company Pacific Seafood’s aquaculture farm located in Nespelem, Wash., situated in the Okanagan Highlands on the Columbia River.”  (Not as alarming as Wild Steelhead for sure, but there is that Aquaculture thing again on the Columbia River?!)  Pacific Seafood

Oh, sorry to all the very nice, non-pinched, non-pretentious waitstaff at those trendy Portland restaurants.

Ballsy: ‘Vulgar Slang. Very tough and courageous, often recklessly or presumptuously so. ballsy.’


Screw All of You! Tendered my Resignation…..

Sometimes a door opens in life and you walk through to better opportunities. How lucky am I that over night my door opened……..

Your Email I.D was selected at random and you have therefore been awarded the sum of US$800,000.00 (Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars)in the end of year UK NOKIA GRANT PROMOTIONS 2010/2011 AWARD.
To claims your Prize please contact:

Mr. Tony Liang

and further,

Dear Cash Bénéficiaire,
Fondation De France has awarded your e-mail adresse a cash grant/subvention of  € 814,054.00 (Eight Hundred and Fourteen Thousand, Fifty-Four Euros) in a random e-mail sélection programme involving 700,000 e-mail addresses in this year’s ballot programme.

and finally,

I am Mr. Paul Mrozinsky, personal account manager of late Dr.Edward, who died of a cardiac arrest a few years ago leaving behind a large sum of money with a commercial bank in the Island of Seychelles which is a tax free zone, a place where plenty of rich people tend to hide away funds not ready to be used or invested, I am also the Client Service manager of the London branch. I will not mention the amount of money which runs into several millions in United States Dollars and name of bank presently until we have agreed to deal. I trust you will understand the need for such precautions. All legal documents to aid your claim for this fund and to prove your relationship with the deceased will be provided by us.
Now, finally, I can afford that Nomad trip to Chile and that Atlantic Salmon trip to Northern Russia on the Rynda or maybe Christmas Island again? I can do it all………………..

Fly Fishing: Fish Porn Debate (Who Do You Think You Are?)

“The bigger issue of course is that the ability to afford cameras, lenses, flashes and camera housings, has far outpaced their owner’s ability to use them creatively, and sometimes even competently. Forget that they are uneducated. Forget that they haven’t “paid any dues.” Forget all that.”  TexasFlycaster: Flyfishing Culture on the Skids

As a reflection upon how I vacillate between traditions and what…non-traditional, this fish porn business cuts both ways for me. Tattoo’d bums seemingly transported into the fly fishing world overnight, talk trash, have huge followings and aggravate the traditionalists. Way back, I took exception to the stick up their collective asses traditionalists and their arrogance. Yet, the bum mentality + new media grates because of the “paid any dues” issue. Envy on my part? Sure. But, also going in a new direction with out purposely hiking your leg would seem more tasteful. Civility is challenged. These abrupt swings create resentment.

For myself, I am what Texas Flycaster refers to as someone with more gear than brains…but, whatever. I enjoy the freedom to create and experiment. I am no commercial threat. I could be a culture threat. I do grow weary of fish held high to block a face like some frigging bandit. I know tatted up guys that look like they work at Miami Inked standing behind a fly shop counter. Yet one of the most gifted Steelhead fly fishers I know has the identical look…that keeps me in check. I hesitate, to judge. Bottom line, he does not hike his leg on traditions. He tries to bridge the gap, to teach. So, is that part of the problem? Lack of respect for the past; too much beatdown of the tweed crowd? I, of course, cannot be a hypocrite. I have highlighted tats, possess tats and occasionally insert skin into my postings. I do it without regard to a bigger cultural picture. My posting decisions  assume adults can decide to come and go elsewhere. I like their input.

Is the fly fishing culture that fractured? Is it fractured on enviro issues like habitat, water quality, fish runs? For all the varied images within the culture, the core principles of stewardship bind us. For that the uneducated and educated can be thankful.

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