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what was it…

I obviously was there and recall the situation when I snapped this shot…a beautiful Summer’s day coming to an end…at a festive event. Warmth was in the air, the trees offered a welcome respite from the heat…a positive recollection.

Now, years later, I can imagine the image eliciting varied emotions…some good, some bittersweet, suggestive of melancholia. Or, thoughts of begging the warmth and sun to remain as we (I) set off into Fall/Winter and many months of gray and rain. I prefer to bathe in the positive warmth right now. No need to rush cabin fever.



wet plants


Fly fishing toward recovery (slow and easy)

Tony was released from the hospital after a difficult bout with Streptococcus pyogenes. On the surface, he was happy to be home and settled in to familiar surroundings. His spirits were high, but as often happens, the body was not willing. Minor efforts have resulted in fatigue and body pain. So, less than a month out of the hospital, I was a bit apprehensive when we considered the first trip out for a little fly fishing. The mind was there but would the body hold up.

We ventured out to a nearby lake, heavily stocked for Labor Day last week. It seemed like a good idea, with less of a crowd and the weather mild and the conditions welcoming. I hoped for a brief outing and minimal stress on Tony’s system; a positive experience.    

We loaded up the ‘toons’ as some say, and the Super Cat and would decide the best craft. Tony decided the ability to row would off set any difficulties should the fins become painful or too aggravating.

We met my son, Evan and his family at the lake and launched for a day of pretty fair fishing. There was the expected lulls and line management messes, but the day was beautiful and a touch too warm at times. 

Welcome~Hint, Hint

Welcome~Hint, Hint

Tony's Day is Made

Tony's Day is Made

Tony fished with a 3wt., a clear intermediate line and his favorite color-green. He understands being undergunned with a light weight rod and the concerns, if you are a C & R advocate, of taking too long to play a fish you plan on releasing. The fiesty trout he hooked had no intention of coming up anytime soon. The rod (a Sage Launch) was up to the challenge, even at a 3wt. The rod and Ross reel performed well on the stillwater.

Tank v. Tank

Tank v. Tank

Memories Passed On

Memories Passed On

Evan~Fish On

Evan~Fish On












It was a good day for Tony. He lasted about four hours. Not bad. And, he caught some beautiful fish…we all did. Subsurface was the rule and green was the color. Dragons, damsels, caddis and midges were ever present. We focused on Dragons and Damsels and did fairly well. It was not red hot, but we had a great time.

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