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Santa Hat-macro-caddis-pupa-fly-tying-swittersb


Photography: Macro Morsel

The bare hook,

dressed in fur, feather ‘n thread

begging for a look


Caddis Pupa--fly tying-macro-photography-fly tying-SwittersB


Caddis Pupa Pattern

Lest you forget, or never knew, SwittersB & Exploring was until recently SwittersB & Fly Fishing. A still passionate pursuit of fish via the fly exists for SwittersB. Along that pursuit’s pathway is all manner of photographic experiences in the beautiful outdoors. Here is a handy, enormously successful fly pattern, a Bead Head Caddis Pupa pattern. A little macro photography fun along with tweaking the image too.

macro-photography-caddis pupa pattern-fly fishing-fly tying-SwittersB


Fly Tying: Simple Caddis Pupa

This is a simple to tie Caddis Pupa patten. The abdomen, comprised of Diamond Braid, can be changed in color. The thorax dubbing blend and bead head can also be changed color wise. I have always tied this with a light green or tan Diamond Braid. Note the singed tip at the end of the braid, which stops it from unraveling. A fast sinking, small pattern that is simple to tie. Put on the bead, tie in the abdomen from mid shank to just behind the bead and then dub over the abdomen tie in point up to the bead. Keep it scraggily/buggy looking (fibers extending out to provide movement/suggestion of antenna, legs, emerging wings).

tan caddis pupa swittersbFly Fishing, Fly Tying, Photography, Macro, How To, Fly Pattern, Caddis Pupa


Accepting as Gospel: Inquisitive Minds Want to Know….

A mishmash of thoughts here. About fly fishing, fly tying, nature, study and ‘the gospel’. I am a reluctant student of anything. I have never been very good at studying. I prefer to do and even then my lack of self discipline in acquiring knowledge makes the doing often less than stellar.

Like many, I look to others that have done the heavy lifting and speak with authority for the nuggets of wisdom that will help me do things better. Often times in any pursuit, the experts have more sway than perhaps they should.

-Bozo Caddis SXP SwittersB

Bozo Caddis Pupa pattern

For example, yesterday I was researching the glowing bubble effect I have ‘witnessed’ on East Lake (Oregon) with emerging Callibaetis Mayfly nymphs. Try as I might, I could not find any literature to help substantiate this observation. It has not stopped me from writing about my observation and even attempting to replicate it with a pattern called The Orb.

The Orb Ostrich

The Orb (SwittersB)

This morning, I was researching hot colored beads for fly patterns beyond the use as an egg pattern. Words like Attractor or Aggravator came into play. I was wondering why a pattern like the Bozo Caddis Pattern (above) would catch fish when natural Caddis don’t have a bright red nose. One link lead to another re Caddis when I came upon one of those clarifying moments that deconstruct our long held ‘beliefs’ and ‘truths’: the emerging Caddis Pupa enshrouded in a gas bubble, a sheath of buoyancy that propels the Pupa to the surface and upward like a missile. I have read it countless times and written it myself as ‘the gospel’ because renowned fly fishers far more knowledgeable than I had said it was so.

Read this forum exchange at TroutNut re emerging Caddis Pupa and realize that when we borrow knowledge or accept the gospel from experts in our quest to understand….we may be building a house of cards of wisdom…that we pass on and on.

I don’t believe you have to become an entomological aficionado to fly fishing. A little knowledge goes a long ways in fly selection and fly tying. But, if somethings don’t quite work out as they are supposed to based upon the experts…well maybe the experts are…well not accurate…experiment on your own. Maybe that explains why I hated tying the Emergent Sparkle Pupa and never caught a damn Trout on one!

How I tied them based on LaFontaine’s pattern and how a better pattern is suggested by Entoman:

Sparkle Pupa SB2

Half Shroud Entoman

Entoman’s Caddis Pupa Pattern is tied with a smaller, less dense shroud at the top of the fly only, and with a leaner body and minimal legs tied in as a beard.


Macro Photography: Caddis Pupa/Latex Abs

Latex: It has come, gone, loiters but never seem to get the usage that it appears to warrant. I mean Latex for fly bodies…nice segmented abdomens. Give it a try over underbodies of smooth wrapped materials built up to the shape of a plump abdomen over wraps of weighted wire or try some of the formed metal bodies.

Caddis Pupa SwittersBWith both of these Caddis Pupa flies, I wrapped segmented abdomens using colored latex to match the pupa colors I was attempting to replicate. The thorax regions were dubbed with deer hair spun to attempt to gain that legs, antenna, emerging wing look. The flies are dredged along the bottom and swung upward at the end.

Caddis Pupa 2 SB


Sparkler Caddis Pupa

Fly Tying: Seems fitting on the 4th of July and Independence Day to show the Sparkler Caddis Pupa pattern (size 14). The UV Ice Dubbing lends that festive, sparkle to the pattern at the thorax region. The  abdomen is green silk, but could be any slightly wrapped material. A starling  barred ginger saddle hackle comprises the wing along with one strand of orange Krystal flash, all behind the brass bead.

Sparkler Caddis Pupa SB


Macro Photography: Fly Patterns

Based upon the earlier post re the lack of fly fishing lately, this adage seems appropriate: Those that can fish do & those that can’t tie ever more flies. Some Caddis Pupa, Scuds and Wet Flies (Size 14/16’s)



The Entomology Below the Surface: Caddis +



Fly Tying: Davie McPhail Caddis Pupa

If you search the videos on the net re fly tying tutorials, you will come across an extensive series by Davie McPhail. I never tire of his pattern selections…always informative beginning to end. There is something to learn in each tutorial. Davie talks with a bit of an accent…well an accent to my ear…but the ear adjusts soon enough and the sequences are so well done that you learn the moves easy enough. Here (X) is the link to a spiffy bead head Caddis Pupa pattern. 

McPhail Caddis Pupa

Davie McPhail Caddis Pupa Pattern…YouTube Snap

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