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Fly Tying: Recap ~ Lil’ Grey Emerger

Some times a drought of thought or ideas (life, fishing, tying, blogging), calls for revisiting the past and reconnecting to the tried and true: I have high lighted this little gem before and I think it is a great beginner’s pattern, for the tier, especially for still waters. In the film and just subsurface it is very successful. Equally so working up from the depths. I know, I know..even out of a beginning fly tying class or from a book out of the shop, you can tie more complex patterns…yes, yes. But….

Review the simple tying steps, maintain the sparse profile, study the pics, rib it or not and believe.

The Lil’ Grey can be tied with different shades of Anron/Zelon (I wouldn’t use the kwinkle synthetics). These patterns were tied size 18. I tied size 14-18 to follow the seasonal mayfly progression of larger to smaller sizes. This makes a dandy in the surface Chrionomid emerger. Try it. Idon’t guarantee to much here, because that is the way of fly fishing. I headge a bit re this pattern. 

Lil’ Grey                              Lil Grey 2


Fly Tying: Lil’ Grey Nymph (Simple)

I previously highlighted this little gem, but the previous pattern (tying sequence) did not have the small, Ice Dub thorax beneath the wing. The ribbing is the tying thread. The bundled grey Zelon is tied atop the shank, bound down at the bend and at the front. The ribbing also helps to bind the body to the shank.

This pattern has been stupendous on lakes (Callibaetis emergers) and tumbled in the seams of rivers. Simple to tie, the Zelon/Antron colors can be varied (olive, tan, black, yellow) along with the thread color for ribbing. The hook shank could have a layer of lighter colored thread in order to give a two-toned look (dark top/lighter bottom). Size 16-18 hook. Adjust the size of the Zelon bundle and wing length.


Fly Tying: Ostrich Herl

Ostrich herl is a great fly tying material. It can be used for an abdomen with pulsing gills or a lively thorax area. I have used it for the tails on The Orb.  It comes in assorted colors and barbules lengths.

Ostrich Herl Thorax & Ab w/ Krystal Flash Rib (SwittersB)

The Orb (Callibaetis Emerger)


Fly Tying: Timberline Emerger Pattern for Stillwaters

This is a great lake pattern and although I have shown it before, I did not take the flies I tied and put them in the lake boxes. I came upon a dozen stuck away in an empty hook box. Into the fly box they go for any emerging Callibaetis mayflies.  Timberline Emerger


Fly Tying: Early Season Wet

March Brown Wet (SwittersB)

I tied the fly on a size 12 dry fly hook. A little large, but an attention grabber in troubled waters. I tied in a half dozen Zelon fibers for the tail and cut them to the length of the hook’s shank. The abdomen of the fly is not clear in the picture. It is a simple dark olive thread body (6/0). The dark olive thread is tied off and snipped and the red 6/0 thread was tied on and a thorax was dubbed with a hare’s mask and synthetic mix. The hare’s mask was olive and there was a bit of flash to the synthetic material blended in. The hen hackle is dyed dark olive. A couple turns of hackle (I tied this hackle in by the tip and wrapped it forward toward the eye and then tied off and snipped). The thread head was finished off. I would fish this simple pattern with confidence on stillwaters and upon the riffles of streams. It could be equally suitable with a slight color variation for Callibaetis as well.


The Orb (Callibaetis/Mayfly Emerger)

I have written about my creation, The Orb, several times. Before you know it, it will be time to be on the stillwaters and fishing to emerging Callibaetis. This pattern holds the promise to seduce subsurface trout.


I have been asked to post pattern/recipe for The Orb:

Your choice nymph hook; Size 14 (size 16 later in season)

A clear plastic bead strung onto hook

Tail: 3 Ostrich hackles tied in. Wire rib tied in (can be gold or Krystal Flash strand)

Body: 1-2 Ostrich hackles tied in at rear and wound forward to thorax area; wrap wire ribbing over Ostrich body for flash and support.

Thorax: small amount of  light brown UV Ice Dub, dubbed up to clear bead. I have used a couple of other dubbing w/flash but not too much.

Please use Search bar (upper right) and put in The Orb and Callibaetis. I remarked before how I witnessed on East L. (Oregon) the emerging nymphs just below the surface (top foot) hanging-bobbing at angle with just this glowing ‘Orb’ visible. They they emerged very quickly. This gave me the idea of the bead, which should help float the nymph (not too heavy a wire hook). You could go straight to a dry when you see the hatch…or some other emerger-dry type pattern. However, this pattern, with a floating line or an Intermediate would slowly present this pattern in the top several feet at the pre-emergence. Or a floating line with tippet greased to within a foot or less of the fly. Don’t use a metal bead…go light and stay in the zone. Good luck!!   




Callibaetis Loop Wing Emerger

Callibaetis Loop Wing Emerger

Callibaetis Loop Wing Emerger

Saw this cool pattern on (Welches, Oregon). This would be a simple pattern to tie, save the loops of multiple dry fly style hackle. The dun hackle or ostrich tail would be life like animation for the shuck.   


The Orb~Callibaetis Emerger

The Orb Emerger

The Orb Emerger (A small compilation of emerger postings I have made. I have several Orb pis here; from Google Images) This may be of interest to tie this pattern and see the variations I have experimented with this Summer. 


the ORB (Callibaetis Emerger)

So, this is the plan. I am going to experiment this coming season with a Callibaetis nymph/emerger that combines the Stalcup gilled nymph components: ostrich hurl tail and either ostrich hurl abdomen or a ridged biot body (so far I like the ostrich gills) and my Orb concept. The thorax will be a darker, longer ostrich or sparse Ice Dub. I will fish the Orb in the upper strata as an emerger. It could suffice as an all around nymph but at deeper depths the affect of the orb would be negated so I would opt for a buggier thorax of dubbing and feather. As deep as the light penetrates the better the Orb will fish. Light and plants and Callibaetis chain creates food for the trout. The Orb by Gary Muncy, May 2008.

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