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Fly Tying: In The Film, Emergers

The Orb Callibaetis Emerger, SwittersB

I haven’t been able to get out much this Spring/Summer to fish due to family health issues. I am looking forward to getting out onto a lake soon and experimenting with assorted patterns. It is a part of fly tying/fishing that I enjoy…the experimenting with patterns that you know just have to be successful….but sometimes fizzle. All fun and often amazing. The Orb was hugely successful the past two seasons on lakes as an emerging Callibaetis Mayfly. Fished in the top foot or so of water, with a ‘greased’ leader or beneath a strike indicator (bobber or supportive dry fly)  it rocked. Others tie a similar pattern with a deer hair wing canted forward, plus the bead. I have not tried that…but this simpler version works also.  


Callibaetis Emerger (The Orb~Please try it)


Not quite a year has passed since I started  promoting this pattern. I tied the fly, based upon earlier experiences on Oregon’s East Lake. I remarked upon the numerous glowing orbs I had seen as Callibaetis hovered just beneath the surface film in a diagonal posture. This emerger was tied in response, but, I only got to use it a few times last Summer. It was successful, but I really never got to repetitively fish over a Callibaetis hatch more than a couple times. The fly needs more use by others besides myself to see if it is as good as my initial assumptions. It fished well as a searching pattern some distance down and later in the film. But, it needs more exposure this coming season. I believe the ostrich body and tail, color and the Orb are key. The clear, buoyant bead I used, with a tinsel underwrap near the eye, is the most interesting part for me…hence the name. Please tie it and share your results once the Callibaetis or any other mayfly,I  suppose, are in full swing. I intend to try it on not only stillwaters, but streams as well. I will be anxious to see if the pattern is successful.  Let me know if it works, in the film and just beneath.   

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