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Changes in the air…

“Surely, it gives dignity to life to believe that we are born into this world for noble ends, and that we have a higher destiny than can be accomplished within the narrow limits of this physical life.” Helen Keller



the memories flow…

toward a beautiful place in the heart…



a portrait of Fall

Looking East near Pine Grove, Oregon



Spring sprung….

A couple images, ten days apart. The first with afternoon light and the second this morning’s light. The Rhododendron has burst forth and recent heavy rains have battered the blooms down a bit. The Dogwood leaves have grown and the Dogwood flowers holds on. I so enjoy morning light on the flowers in the yard.

Dogwood & Rhody-afternoon-April 20-SwittersB


dogwood bloom, rhody blooms, morning light, SwittersB


Beauty changes…

This newly acquired rose starts with a bright yellow bud, which opens to reveal bright white on the inner petals and then changes into a most lovely white rose with hints of yellow and pink. There is something pleasant about the evolving beauty in flowers and people.



This Fall…a slow demise

The temps have been moderate, seemingly pleasant near Portland this early Fall. The leaves are still holding on with few exceptions…barely turning color. But, there is a change in the garden. A slowly ticking clock shows changes every morning. A heavy rain brings even more evident change. I go away for a few days and upon returning the changes are more pronounced.

I think this is where I’m suppose to wax on about the beauty of mother nature, God’s divine blessings bestowed upon the gardener, my sense of satisfaction for a well earned outcome of gardening. But, I have to say I don’t feel that. I am, most probably temporarily, saddened by the demise of the garden and the beauty that bloomed hard this past Spring/Summer.




But, there in the garden, a small blessing was found. A rose that had not done well with the heat. Now, clamoring for my attention…’Look at me you old moper….smile!’ Yes, I will make my transition to Fall. I had already started embracing Fall, while fishing at the coast. Coming home to the changes in the garden slowed me down for a bit. Such are the constant changes in life.

small rose-garden-SwittersB-Fall


Children: One of those clarifying moments……..

I have four children (3 boys, 1 girl), who are adults now. So, I have observed their changes in time as they grew up and transformed along the way. Suddenly they were grown and out the door. And one pauses to catch up to the realities of how old they are and, of course, how old I am. But, it seems we often consider these realities after the passage of time…looking back.

maddox sbMaddox

The other night, I was watching my grand daughter, Desi (almost 10 y/o), in a volleyball tournament. Her brother, Maddox, is always there playing about, absorbed in all manner of distractions, but not watching the games. He is a busy, energetic little boy that seeks attention and gives love and moves in and out of the my mind’s focus. So when I took this image, and looked at it, I was suddenly captivated by his eyes.

He suddenly doesn’t look like a baby eyed 4 y/0. His eyes looked older and dare I say beautiful. My mind flitted ahead ten, twenty years. Bittersweet to consider the changes that will come. So, in the moment, I will look closer and take in the love and joy.

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Count your blessings, instead of your troubles. You attract more blessings by acknowledging the ones you already have, no matter how small they may seem.

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