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Peaceful few minutes…

“Li Ziqi (Chinese: 李子柒)was born in the remote mountain village of northwestern Pingwu, Mianyang city, China. (Sorry, we can’t release much more personal information of her for protecting this beautiful girl.) She did not have a happy childhood like most of the children. When she was little, her parents got divorced and his father died early. Then, she started living with her grandparents. Their life was poor, but it was also relatively stable. Li Ziqi’s grandfather was a cook working in the countryside. When there was a ceremony going on, be it a wedding or a funeral, her grandfather would be in charge. In the videos, she showed how to cook various dishes, which she had learned from her grandfather. Besides cooking, she also learned how to make bamboo baskets, fishing, growing vegetables and doing carpenter work from her grandparents…”


WTF! No Way In Hell on the Shanghai Tower

As much as I am amazed by Vadim & Vitaliy daring, non-saftey gear climb…who in the hell built this tower is a good question too. I have trouble climbing my extension ladder to clean the gutters out.


Food: The Cringe Factor of Chicken Paws

Turn away Vegans and/or PETA types. Last night, my wife and I were doing some late night grocery shopping. As often happens, we divide up and go our separate ways to grab this and that and rejoin along the way. I was in the meat section perusing the ridiculous price increases over the past few years when I came upon a food item I had personally never seen in my citified life time: chicken paws. Freaky looking! Obviously, my non-farming/ranching/sanitized food prep existence has denied me some realities of food prep. But, the Chicken Paws brought me to a halt. 

My humor button was pushed, so I put the Chicken Paws in the cart and proceeded to look for my wife. She returned to the cart and in her normal distracted manner didn’t see the Chicken Paws. I casually drew attention to the paws and her response was beyond my wildest prankster expectations!

chicken paws swittersb

She became quite verbal, quite audible, quite animated! Wow! Who knew Chicken Paws could draw forth such a response?

drumsticksI mean we think nothing of frying up some drumbsticks and savoring that fine meat wrapped around that bone. But Chicken Feet or Paws do seem to elicit a mind tweak of sorts. So to give Chicken Paws their supposed due, here is the food, cooking, recipe low down on Chicken Paw usage.

Simply Recipes: “The “Eww” factor of chicken feet I think comes from the fact that chicken feet look a lot like our hands. Silly eh? Especially when we consider that making stock from chicken feet has been a human activity for thousands of years. Most of our grandmothers or great grandmothers used feet in their stock as a matter of fact. They would laugh at us today to see us cringe. Stock made from chicken feet is fabulous, and incredibly good for you with all that gelatin.

Now no offense to any visitors here from China/Vietnam, but if you are going to try the Chicken Paw recipes, buy locally produced Chicken Paws!

Chinese police have uncovered an illegal food storage site in China’s southern city of Nanning that reportedly contained chicken feet nearly a half century old. According to the South China Morning Post, more than 20 tonnes of expired meat were seized in the raid, including beef tripe, cartilage, and the aforementioned chicken feet, some of which dated all the way back to 1967. The site was busted back in May, though the details of the operation have only been made public recently.

A Xinhua report cited by the South China Morning Post notes that the chicken feet were smuggled across the border from Vietnam still frozen. Once in China, they were processed with various chemicals, including bleach, to add weight and improve their coloring, making them appear fresh.” (The Telegraph UK) & HuffPo


Fishing Demands Room (At Least in My Mind)

I know I am blessed, living out West. It isn’t too hard, most often, finding space. And, because of that, when I am standing shoulder to shoulder in some cluster f@&k of a fishing experience my mind grates like the gears of an old machine. I need space. It defines the underlying purpose of the experience in the first place.

To endure the crowds for the sake of ‘fish on’ cannot sustain me. I will momentarily enjoy it, but then look upstream or down stream for open space, or across the lake for room. Mental health. 


Majestic Photography & Boggling Construction (Tinamen Mountains)




Ringneck Pheasants U.S. Origins

Yesterday, early, I was busy with something and the TV was on in the background. I heard the very tale end of a piece involving ‘Oregon’, ‘Pheasants’, ‘Denny’ in 1880’s. I didn’t get the gist of the piece beyond ‘introduced’. This morning, I found a brief historical piece by Kit Oldham at HIstory.Link describing the introduction of China’s Ringneck Pheasants to Oregon & Washington. Today, they seem to be a natural part of the landscape. Much like many Trout species not native to an area, the Pheasant was not native to the U.S. Today, of course, we use feathers from the birds for fly tying & fishing. The link provides an interesting story.

Dette Fly Tying Materials

A Pheasant Tail Nymph (U.S. version) tied with natural feather fibers.

Owen & Gertrude Denny traveled to China on U.S. diplomatic business and sent back pheasants to Port Townsend, Washington and then to their home in Oregon.


China’s Fly Fishing (a warning for the under or is it over managed, “put and take” mentality)

Tilapia (Invasive in SE U.S.)

Tilapia (Invasive in SE U.S.)

BLEAK ALERT! Habitat, Habitat, Habitat!

“Unfortunately, I found that most of streams in Guizhou Province were
hopelessly polluted and devoid of life. And even though I consulted some of
my more proficient fishing buddies and the websites of several fly shops, I
have yet to find a fly that will hook the elusive Chinese mudsucker that
inhabits the ponds around here. The few times I have ventured out all I
have managed to catch are small, curious Chinese children.”

“I realized that if I were ever to catch any Chinese fish I would have to
give up my high-fallutin’ fly fishing ways and resort to Chinese methods.”

“When the Chinese fish, they really don’t like to give the fish a fair
chance. Each person has four or five rods and they chum the water with
bait. Not to mention that the ponds are really small and people line up
shoulder to shoulder around them. I’m sure to the fish, it must seem like
swimming around in a jungle of hooks and bait.”

“The Chinese would like to fish with automatic weapons, explosives, anthrax spores, and weapons of mass
destruction. Unfortunately, the expense and the fear of bodily harm keeps
them from doing this. Instead, they mostly fish with long, collapsible rods
with a bit of monofilament, a bobber, hook, and bait attached. None of this
reel silliness. The bait is usually pellets of what looks like guinea pig
food or a powder that is mixed with water to make a bread dough-like

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