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I will listen to you…but speak easy, no yelling…opening up to you

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway


Fly Fishing’s ‘Beatdown’ Energy~The Risks, Outcomes & Benefits


WHAT IS BEATDOWN? – BEATDOWN is the relentless pursuit to
destroy the opposition with whatever it takes to succeed. BEATDOWN is the feeling when you or your opponent is backed into the corner and the only way out is to fight your way through.
BEATDOWNis the passion bred of hatred toward somebody who challenges what you stand for. BEATDOWN is overcoming humiliation when you didn’t meet your expectations the first time.BEATDOWN is dropping bombs to your challenger’s skull again and again. BEATDOWN is anticipation and adrenaline rush just before you beat someone down. BEATDOWN is when you feel like giving someone an old-fashioned, passionate ass whoopin’ because they antagonized you.     

I have written before, with support, for the beatdown of arrogance and stuffiness of experts within the flyfishing industry. A little kick in the ass to long time blusterng bozos seemed good. A new generation is coming and there is a choke point in the media industry to recognize emerging innovators. I welcomed the energy and verve, which I took to be a positive force for recognition of innovators and new life.

swittersb-6-20081But, I suspect for some dishing out the beatdown, the means is the end and their frequent means of discussing life in general. Frankly, these few beatdown bullies need to get parked back on their candy ass and reconsider their rudeness. Hiding behind the facade of toughness, that few of them possess, is generating harm to the sport and the potential of the ‘beatdown’. The sport needs solidarity re habitat, real environmental issues, momentum to maintain any degree of clout, and to welcome new participants. The ‘beatdown’ goes to far when you sound like wingnuts. Enough of the misdirected, hipster rudeness. Make your points with intelligence and do not bash fellow, ordinary FFer’s. 

Save the hostility for the staid industry, misguided fish and wildlife agencies, governors, senators or your favorite looming environmental disaster. Beatdowns aside, why not use your blogs, now and then, to highlight an innovator, a renegade that is unrecognized and will not make the pages of a mag. I recognize the amazing Matt McCrary, spey fisher extrordinaire from Oregon. I noted in a post yesterday from Busters, a comment,:

it’s our hope there will continue to be campfires burning the midnight soul somewhere within that valley, ringed with a few quiet real steelheaders you’ve never heard of and never will, who’ve managed to set up their lives for a few weeks off in fall, to gather somewhere special and experience a magic extremely personal. It’s that kind of place.

That eloquent bit is it, isn’t it? Who are those ‘few quiet real steelheaders you’ve never heard of and never will’ men? The Beatdown crew should periodically put their energy together to post re those unheard of fishers that venture forth. Because many of us don’t get to make it to the Skeena or Olympic Penn. or Skagit. We would enjoy reading about people closer to us than tackle reps, etc. 

To end, dispense your pummeling where it belongs and back off those that don’t get your point. but could. What goes around comes around. Forget the red lettered beatdown mantra.

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