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The Wait, The Pulse, The Moment: ‘Happy As Larry’

I was researching a gardening site on planting Clematis, when the woman remarked the plant would be as ‘Happy as Larry’ in its new spot….huh? Never heard that one before. A little research and ‘Happy as Larry.’ All that aside, I am often given over to being as Happy as Larry with early Summer fly fishing outings. The anticipation and planning during the Winter/Spring. Getting gear ready. All the fly tying and rearranging the flies in boxes. Tweaking the gear, clothing, studying maps, loading it all up and venturing forth. The arrival, the immediate intimacy of the lake or river; even better the fewer the people around you.

I enjoy the giddy feeling and then settle into the wait, the presentation of the fly, the edgy focus. Then in varying ways the Trout takes and from little fish to chunksters they impart the moment. Fought, admired, respected, released back to the icy depths, then I try to repeat the process and with any luck the outdoor, intimate, mind sex repeats itself.  Happy as Larry indeed!

photography-sunrise-clouds-red sky morning-SwittersB

Red Sky Morning Departure

photography-SwittersB-Fly Fishing-metal sculpture
photography--macro-caddis pupa-fly tying-SwittersB
Photography-Macro-Fly Tying-SwittersB
Photography-big trout-rainbow-fly fishing-Springtime-SwittersB
rainbow trout-photography-fly fishing-SwittersB-Bucky

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