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State of Oregon Muncy Designs


The Weather is a Changing……………..

xCold Spey SwittersBWeren’t we just mowing the lawn, harvesting the vegetables, complaining about the heat, doing BBQ’s on the deck, putting on sunscreen? The weather is turning earlier this year. Maybe a final warm glow? But, I think the cold hands, neck and face are lurking right around the corner.


Full Figured Dressings (Mannequins & Hooks)

full figure xSwedish Mannequins Getting Bigger?

Over the last decade or so, everything in fly fishing seems sparse, lean, smaller, lighter. Ever lighter fly rods, thinner waders, fabrics, and ever smaller fly patterns. Efficient and seemingly productive. 

I am not advocating for heavier rods or clothing. But, larger, more full figured fly patterns do have their place in the fly box. Size 18 (fly patterns here) are necessary, but a size 14 (fly pattern or clothing size) is often closer to the reality of what is normally used. 

Perfect your fly tying on larger sized hooks and scale down the proportions and materials to smaller hooks over time. Trying to go to smaller sizes too soon only leads to frustrations, whether dieting or fly tying.


Fly Fishing: Howler Bros. (cool garb and other things)

Dorado BBQ (Howler Brothers)

“Why do you think a culture similar to surf and skate culture is emerging in fly fishing? Both sports and the guys a gals who participate in them are into the adventure of getting away from the day to day grind and finding adventure.  Both sports parallel fly fishing because fly fishing is a soulful trip where ever you choose to do it.  Currently, there is a noticeable shift away from the status trip in fly fishing with the elite crowd and movement towards the more adventure/soul crowd.” Conway Bowman Interview (c/o The Texas Fly Fisher & Howler Bros.)

I find this an interesting quote. I won’t go too far into it. With my limited exposure to some elites, I would offer that some of the ‘elite’ of today, that can afford the luxury of a ‘status trip’, started off as ski bums, deck hands and fly shop grunts. They parlayed their personalities, tackle rep jobs, photographic skills, freedom to roam and made it happen. From there they became a portion of the elite. Some very honorable roots amongst some of the elite. Hopefully the new bums and nonchalant/hip crowd will stay humble and as relaxed as they are now. Us life bound types like to think they will.  The words ‘status’ ‘elite’ can easily go with adventure. 

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