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Oregon Timber Harvest (low demands + proposed increased harvest?)


Although not updated in the last month…the information here is worth review for Oregon Fly Fishers. Site care of Buster. By reviewing the maps, I could see the clearcuts since 1968 and their seeming vastness. I would like to see the reforestation maps and yields from those efforts and the boardfeet replacement equations. Does that matter? They did all that cutting (and exporting…another BS issue) so has the replanting been successful or is it even close to re-harvesting. The site suggests it is lagging (let me guess…climate change), and if it is lagging, for whatever reason, then no harvests should commence. If economic indicators provide no demand then no harvests should commence. And, if it doesn’t…for the communities that require food on the table…perhaps a quicker infusion of stimulus monies for those green jobs are in order for Tillamook County. Perhaps Governor Ted or our vaunted eco saavy Senators and Rep’s could for once be heard from. I know that is all highly improbable. While many are upset over Cheney appearing at a function, perhaps they should aggressively ask…what the hell has the State of Oregon government been doing for how many years under Kulongoski, Kitzhaber, Roberts, Goldschmidt and the pious Hooley, Blumenauer, DeFazio, AuCoin, Wu, Merkeley and Wyden. Quite a strike force of earnest green blood. So what gives? They are aware and they defer. Why? They have had the numbers enough times to bring a halt and haven’t.

I wonder if the flooding we see almost yearly in Tillamook County will become even more epic than the last few years? The put ‘n take philosophy for fish and timber is so pervasive in Oregon that the hard choices that were and are on the table are not palatable to the current or past leaders of this fair state.


Oregon Forestry Practices (To harvest or to Cut/Slash/rip/run…that is the question)


Hey, have you been watching those reality shows showcasing Oregon Loggers? Now, the normal thing to say is “Now, I am all for logging, but…….” But, things seem to be regressing re habitat and multiple use balance in Oregon. But, typical of  Oregon politics, decisions are made behind scenes and then the yelling and squeaky wheel factions emerge to fight the closed door decision making. Some one could say, ‘well reports were published and the ability to comment has been available since last June’ …whatever, the citizen is treading water in a piss storm right now and unless the issue is raised in our pathetic local msm, who knows what the hell is going on re forestry..paper products issues.  Steelie Mike does.

Steelie Mike raises the competing Legislative proposals and their impact on Oregon forests and multiple use. I say the Axmen et al, as interesting and dangerous, as their life style may be demonstrate one thing: their slash and run harvesting techniques, deplorably introduced as a competitive effort with other logging outfits is part and parcel with the Oregon Legislature’s attitude toward the resources. Balance! Stop acting like Axmen with our resources. Our Resources!!!!!        

This isn’t urban dictating to rural folks. I have no love of urban pontifications. It is the record thus far is that something is amiss with current practices that have helped cause the ruination of the fisheries. Forest harvesting practices by some have contributed to this. One part of the equation for sure, but without enormous assurances  of the benefits to Oregonians, then I could give a damn about exports if our environment here suffers anymore. Enough is enough.   

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