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Photography: Frozen Lace On Our Window……

Morning Ice Window SwittersBIce crystals formed on the window facing the very cold East wind. The crystalline designs are almost plant like…miniature trees or fern fronds?  


Enduring the cold: A State of Mind

Early Season Stillwater SB

Yes, that is a snow squall approaching behind me.

There are few things in life I hate more than being cold. It can almost be debilitating for me regardless of what I am wearing. Believe me, when I say, I have wearing layers down to an art. Yet, I still can ‘suffer’ through events like the soccer game this past weekend. ‘Suffer’? Well I know short of begging a dose of hypothermia, I am not really suffering compared to the real ordeals of life.

But, I find it always interesting how our frame of mind, our perception of the moment can make all the difference at least for awhile…in the cold. I can endure a lot of cold if a fly rod is in my hand. Hours and hours of freezing temps, ice in the guides etc. Change the circumstances and I am mentally wimping out. Frame of mind, focus, strength for what matters in the moment. Recreation or life’s larger struggles.


Cold Weather Gloves for Fly Fishing

This is such a trial and error area for me. I cannot really make a recommendation. Once the temp dips below freezing and the finger tips get wet it is like a combination of bee stings and hammer strikes on my fingertips. Dexterity suffers on tying on flies, using tools, line management with a spey rod especially. I can withstand most things outdoor until my fingertips lose the battle often followed by the toes. I carry different gloves and trade them off as a pair gets overly saturated. Only advice I can give…couple pair of gloves, maybe those hand warmer packets and make the most of those hours you can take it.

Commenter Sk8flyrod pointed the way to the Kast Steelhead Gloves. Positive reviews at MidCurrent and Deneki.

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