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Momentarily frozen…

one of many small, unnamed waterfalls tumbling (frozen this day) over the cliffs of the Gorge into ponds, lakes and wetlands that all empty into the Columbia River, on the Oregon side. 


Below is an 1880 photo taken by……………. of the same general spot, but from a slightly different angle. The photo is courtesy of the Wyeast Blog, which is a good source of Columbia River Gorge information.


“Palisades, Columbia River” This 1880s scene captured by Frank J. Haynes, official photographer for the Union Pacific Railroad. Crown Point (then called “Thor’s Heights”) and its lacy waterfall are the backdrop for what was known as Echo Bay in the early days of settlement.


Roadside View………..

gorge-columbia river-roadside-view-photography-Oregon-SwittersB


Classic Gorge

As an Oregonian, I have seen a multitude of images of the Columbia River Gorge. A classic shot is the Vista House on Crown Point taken from the West near the Women’s Forum Park. It gives scale to the Vista House and the Gorge (Columbia River Gorge). 

Crown Point-Oregon-Columbia River-Vista House-Photography-SwittersB


Photography by Joe Berentsen: Ruckel Creek

My good friend and photography colleague Joe Berentsen is enjoying exploring the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side (Ruckel Creek). Joe is particularly inspired, as many of us are, by those tumbling waters that create lovely waterfalls and lush vignettes. Here are a couple of examples of his work. I hope to be able to share more along the way as Joe explores the byways.

photography-waterfall-cascades-joe berentsen-swittersb

photography-waterfall-joe berentsen-swittersb


Photography: Into the Wind for Lift

If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him. Seneca, 50 A.D.

Into the Wind SwittersB

Columbia River, Gorge, Nature, Outdoors, Photography, River, Wind, Seneca, Life, Change


The New Year: Looking Forward……………

Beauty Bow SB-BLooking forward to the New Year, I am making certain hopeful resolutions with regard to fly fishing & photography: I want to pick up the two hander again and for once catch a Steelhead on it, not just practice casting…I want to venture forth this Winter, into Spring with some fly fishing trips in Central Oregon (Crooked, Metolius, Deschutes Rivers)…I MUST organize all my gear back into the somewhat manageable concepts of Salmon/Steelhead…Bass…Trout. Now everything has become a mishmash of overlapping rods, lines, flies and I am often forgetting something (back to the checkoff list)…More photography of urban/industrial settings along with the natural environment…exploring the Columbia River Gorge (Oregon) in late Spring/early Summer for Wildflowers and then learning to identify and photograph them…we want to travel to the desert and find those rustic locales to photograph and imagine what was. That’s a good start. I will have to think about the ‘normal’ resolutions re working out, less harmful activities, organizing etc. Seem so boring the day after Christmas Day.


Photography: Snowed In…………

dense snow swittersb12 08It has been five years since we had a significant snow fall in Portland, Oregon. We are due. This photograph from December 2008 was from the last heavy show fall we had. The snow against the few remaining orange berries on the Russian Sea Berry Tree is a pleasant contrast.

Morning Snow SwittersBThis was in the morning that year. It continued to snow quite a bit more the next several days. The East wind down the Columbia Gorge makes for more drifting snow than for straight down, snow fall accumulations in my neighborhood.

fish bench snow SBI for one love snow. I know, I know…”You wouldn’t like snow if you had to dig out for the next three months”. But, on the rare occasions that we get enough to shut down the doesn’t take much around here..I like the beauty. We are blessed here in the Portland area with the Cascade Mountain Range, so snow is readily available should I have the urge to fall down and make a snow angel at my age. Maybe the grand kids would be better suited for that. 

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