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Clouds, Clouds, More Clouds

are held in high esteem by some more than others. Note the Manifesto of the Cloud Appreciation Society.  I won’t go as far as the society in decrying blue skies. But, throw some majestic, textured, layered clouds on that blue canvas and it catches the eye, the imagination, the appreciation of the fluidity of nature. 

You can tell the cloud junkies, as they chase storms, the cloudy sunsets or bulging clouds over mountains. I wonder if the society has any decals or window stickers? I’ll be darn, they do.

dark cloud-silver lining-sky-photography-storm-SwittersB


Photography: Input, Advice…the Eye

Everybody is an expert

My wife offering her input on what, in her estimation and trained eye, would make for a good shot.

Photography seems like an individual pursuit. Factor in your wife, who has taken up photography, plus for now share one camera/lens and you have an interesting dynamic of input re composition and image selection.

gate SB

Well it turned out ok, I spose. I was going to take this shot anyway, but with input  from a team member in the field it seems doubly successful.

Me Trout Berries Bucky

Now with the above shot my wife, Mary Jo, took this great shot. Now I would have thought that me + beautiful Rainbow Trout was an adequate image, but my wife insisted on the red berried bush off my left shoulder. Well, it was not just enough to hoist and grin. Now, I had to position myself against the Fall colors of the berries against waves and wind! I am going to have to sort out this new hobby thing with my wife! Caught/Released


Photography: My Random Eye

Caught my eye……..

Vine over Door SB

Yet Again………

Railroad Tracks SB

Bent Over Looking Back Through Legs

View Into Bright Room SB

Old Door, Looking Into A Bright Sun Porch


Second Chance?


Crane Prairie Reservoir: Passing Day & The Snag

Crane Prairie in the Morning

Crane Prairie at Noon

Crane Prairie at Dusk

Found these old photographs from the early 80’s. Apparently I had time to take plenty of photos, so the fishing must not have been working out for me. I remember lots of small bass and few of the large trout that the lake was noted for. Central Oregon residents felt compelled to ‘ruin’ trophy trout lakes by introducing bass or by using live bait that proliferated at alarming rates. Not sure who was more lame, the ODFW or the live bait slinging locals. Either way the lake, Crane Prairie Reservoir, took a hit as did Davis and Diamond lakes. It may be making a come back thirty years later.


Photo Composition on the Fly (So to Speak)

Here, framing lost out as the picture was taken in a hurry. Seconds later the fish squirmed free and the one shot is the memory. Not a terrible shot, but maybe the next fish will be framed better if all the factors line up just right. The reality is the person taking the photo has to get close enough, while maneuvering a watercraft, stay out of the way of the rod tip, stay steady in the wind, get the camera up and hope the pose comes together. The tat and blush of the fish is not a bad visual. The lighting was very harsh at the time. 

When taking outdoor photographs, I am lucky to be mindful of lighting, shadows, background distractions and framing. If the photo is taken in a hurry then who knows what the results will be. Here is a basic reminder on photo composition for novices like me and maybe some of you. Thank goodness for digital capabilities to see what adjustments may be needed if we are fortunate enough for a second chance.

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