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“This sort of compromise between feasibility and risk is common in large resource extraction projects…”


Excellent, clearly presented ariticle re oil refineries, environment and weighing the options.

Mt. Redoubt, Alaska

Mt. Redoubt, Alaska

 “This sort of compromise between feasibility and risk is common in large resource extraction projects like the oil drilling in Cook Inlet. In theory, risk is carefully weighed against benefits of development. However, the corporations developing a resource receive a greater portion of the benefits than the public with whom they share the risk. This conflict of interest between the public and industry muddles the issues involved and leads to a reactive policy of handling hazards, like we see at the Drift River Terminal.”

Oil Storage Tanks Below Mr. Redoubt

Oil Storage Tanks Below Mr. Redoubt


Powder River Basin’s Coal Bed Methane (Consequences of Rapid Development)

In the above 2001 report the USGS writes of concerns about the rapid development of coal bed methane gas wells and what will happen to discharged water used in production. Reservoirs and ground water dispersal were concerns to scientist back in 2001. Now that leases are in the works the concerns, that apparently were not on the radar of environmentalists, are now front and center for review and the usual angst ridden ‘the sky is falling’ writings. Is there no end to the evil energy development schemes of Dick Cheney. The Dark Knight is truly amongst us and laying waste to the Western U.S.  

This habitat issue is of direct relevance to a fishery compared to many less than established enviro concerns. What is the current data on discharges and contaminants in the Powder R. basin? Have there been fish studies or tissue samples taken of area fish re levels of tissue infiltration? Perhaps if Ted could break from preaching to the choir and report on this we would all benefit from the specifics of this potential example of cause and effect. Such cause and effect is missing of late. It would take us out of the realm of might’s, maybe’s, could’s back to the research of the 70’s and 80’s when specifics showed consequences and change was easier made. We have swung too far afield with green light of sorts that ignores basic research and run amok into hyberbole and scare tactics. Sound decisions based on sound research and less political posturing and agenda driven drivel are called for.    

Coalbed Methane Well

Coalbed Methane Well

Alaska Information re similar concerns and prior hearings and writings over last decade. (78 pages)

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