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Who Knew? Silly String Possession and Possession with Intent to Use?

With all the things our poor government has to worry about: smashed pumpkins, candy wrappers everywhere, punks robbing little ones of their NERDS, toilet paper in trees, it is good to see the clarification re Silly String. Yes, for that one night a year, Silly String is in deed as illegal as heroin. 

Los Angeles, California (Is it illegal everyday, or just for that time period...a better, more expensive sign is in order, to clarify the issue)


Fly Fishing Trip to Chile???

A good friend of mine is planning an extensive fly fishing trip to Chile with friends. In light of the recent quakes and volcanic activity, I figured I would add this interesting site to the mix…I did find another site, but it was primarily focused on the UFO’s that have been seen escaping from inner earth via the volcanos, as even they (the aliens) seem to know what calamity lays ahead. So instead I offer up this:

el chaiten

Scientists warn half of Chile’s active volcanoes could erupt in the near future


Yellow Jacket Nest (Mania, Insania, Pyromania)

Few things annoy or scare me more than a yellow jacket’s nest. Just a month ago, I was moving my daughter out of a house and a yellow jacket’s nest was evident, in a hole, beneath the front porch. I was uneasy as we moved her belongings (how does a little girl accumulate so much stuff?) out the door and down the porch. We finished without incident.

Yesterday, I let the dogs out the back door. I decided to do a bit of watering. I did the opposite of most people (who tidily store their hose after each use), I turned on the hose and knew the end was over in a direction near the deck. I could hear it running. I walked over to secure the business end of the hose and there was the business end of a yellow jacket’s nest. Agitated and impossible to track, the yellow jackets were moving in all manner of directions because of the running water. I could see the two inch hole and too many to count yellow jackets. I retreated and abandoned the idea of watering.

What’s the big deal you might ask. Leave them alone. Well, I have had three encounters with yellow jacket nests that did not fair well. Two with me getting attacked and one with my two older boys being savagely attacked. The existence of a nest unleashes a sort of revenge factor in me. 

I went out this morning to do just that. It was barely first light, say 0645 hrs. I had a plan. I won’t share it, because you’d think me crazy, dangerous and even perhaps cruel (seriously screw that…they need to be dead; I don’t care about their place in the pest eating scheme of things about now). They were already a blur of activity. My head lamp revealed dozens in a cloud of activity above the hole and steady stream of others heading out from the nest. The quiet time was not then to unleash my plan. I chose to retreat. Maybe tonight?

Of course, all the resources say the yellow jackets will die off in the Fall. Maybe I should wait. But, it is revealing of my nature to exact revenge for wrongs that took place decades ago. Now don’t confuse yellow jackets with bees. They are not of the same family. They belong to wasp family. They can sting repeatedly. I can attest to this. Ok, I have put the matches away. The shed door is locked.

Pouring gasoline on a nest is NOT the way to control yellow jackets. Gasoline will sterilize the soil, get into groundwater, and evaporate into the air we breathe. Gasoline is a mixture of materials, some of which are known carcinogens. When gasoline gets on you it is readily absorbed through the skin, which can also cause a chemically burn. Gasoline has become a popular cure for yellow jackets, with some people pour gasoline into a yellow jacket nest and then light it.  One gallon of gasoline has the explosive force equal to 83 sticks of dynamite, which is not good for our environment or our health. Please never attempt to control yellow jackets with gasoline!” RockDaleCounty.Org   (Obviously a volunteer fireman; Who would put a gallon of gasoline down a hole beneath his deck, which is attached to his house? 🙂 )

“First, decide if the nest actually poses a risk. If it is out of the way, it may be prudent to wait and let the nest die naturally in the fall. If removal is necessary, apply an approved insecticide directly into the nest opening. Use an approved “Wasp and Hornet” spray that propels a stream of insecticide 15-25 feet. Treatment is most effective in the evening when the majority of the insects are in the nest. Be sure to dress appropriately. Wear eye protection, a long-sleeved shirt, trousers and boots, and secure your sleeves and pant legs. Establish an unobstructed escape route and be ready to move quickly away if any of the bees fly towards you. If you require illumination, use a flashlight covered with red cellophane for light – wasps cannot see red. You may need to repeat the treatment two or three times on consecutive evenings. As there is some risk of being stung, you may wish to seek professional help. After a nest has been removed, be sure to fill any openings to prevent future entry.”  Master Bee Keeper


Fishing: Americana & Put and Take Fishing

Some observations as I hang about. (Holy Taco Pic)

Just observations. Implied judgements, I suppose. Just the combined oddities amongst the supposedly normal. At this one location, I have observed the following: this includes a boulder into my truck; a drunk man laying in a ditch with a fire to keep him warm on a hot Summer day; a pickup truck parked on the side of a steep embankment sliding over sideways and stopped from entering the lake by a few trees; a father impaling his daughter’s bottom lip with a treble hook when casting, then yelling at her for being in the way; numerous people falling down the gravel embankment and crashing at the bottom, one even ending up knocking his father into the lake; an odd anomaly of Eastern Euros using multiple rods and over harvesting by a factor of 5+ (never any enforcement; guess it doesn’t fit with the put and take concept); couplings in the woods (must be the heat and nature); talkative gents, who want to carry on extended conversations with me from a hundred feet away over all manner of topics; garbage (beer cans, worm containers, cigarette butts, etc strewn along the lakes edge; fishermen that must cast out a hundred feet to mark their territory (yes, sometimes I drift too close while moving backwards, but seriously asshole casting heavy lead within a few feet of me?).

And, there are a lot of folks just trying to relax, mind their own business, and take home some fish. There is an odd energy when the multitudes assemble at a put and take fishery. I usually find my safe place and observe while making the acquaintance of some fish.

Can or does the put and take (hatchery stockings) foster any sense of protecting the habitat in the larger scheme of things? Could there be some campaign to foster better habits? It is as if the people who manage these resources have turned their backs upon basic messages that would foster respect for the resources. Dump in a few thousand keepers and forget the rest? The rest is, of course, the probable outcomes of human nature when many are gathered. 


Weather Channel Dork & the Others

Such a defense of the coverage of Hurricane Irene. Yes, sad the loss of lives and properties. Yes, the ad nauseam warning probably saved many lives. But, we can all agree, except the dorks that produce weather, disaster coverage, that the fool standing in the path of the wind, debris, and other objects is a needless fool. Stop please with such ridiculous coverage. Dork + Streakers   Considered adult theme because of  the one guys schwantz…so you may need to log in as adult on youtube.


Vermont Covered Bridge Washed Away

Historic Bridge Washed Away


OryGone Fishing etc.


Hanistan Blogspot






Actually, I am sure you could come up with similar stories from your neck of the woods? It is actually ORA-GUN.


Fly Fishing: Life Interruptus

I imagine every insidious (well not insidious, but invasive) hobby, or past time, has that pull; that pervasive pull on your mind, your equilibrium. I use to feel it about working out. Injuries have lessened it, but not wiped it out yet. Gardening is there as my connection to the soil, beginnings, nurturing and tending to endings.

Penny studies with me on how to catch fish. She seems equally fascinated with this passion. She likes the pictures a lot. SwittersB

But fly fishing and all the associated trappings is so a part of me that when I can’t fish or even tie, I do feel a withdrawal or craving that is so strong I can get testy. Wanderlust, skills performance, moving and planning, connection to the flows, observing for signs, tying to create to seduce. Take it away from me and I range from longing to severe withdrawal. Once there, getting ready, doing it…I am almost immediately at ease.

Life Interruptus: poor health, loved one’s needs, work, hard times or even other hobbies. You will know the worth of fly fishing et al, to you, doing it and once you are cut off. For me, fly fishing has deeply inserted itself into my sanity equation. It is a good thing….but, sometimes life does intrude. Have faith.


Over Fishing: How Much Cat food, Omega 3 & fillets do we need?


Is there really that much demand for fish consumption worldwide? That coupled with an increase in aquaculture shows harvesting five to six times higher in the 48 year span the chart depicts. What has happened in the last 12+ years to catch rates….increased in all probability.

Seafood Consumption Guides by U.S. Region

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