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The beauty and the beest….of sorts

Well, I noticed the first, beautiful rose in the front yard…we call it Tillie’s Rose, as I planted it as a memorial rose following her passing. I took a couple pics and noticed the Butterfly Lavender bush, near the rose, was alive with honey bees. Of course I had to try and get a macro of the flitting about bees. I got one and I must say it is a bit creepy. Maybe this is normal, but not that I have ever seen with past bee shots. So, I labeled it on the spot…’beauty and the beest’ 

Tillie’s Rose

The Beest


In the attic…

of my mind. Memories stored, mostly forgotten now sitting in the dust covered boxes, bins and bags of my life. Some how, along the perilous way, one is able to take the most wrenching, disturbing, offensive, hurtful acts and stuff them into containers and close the lid on them. Out of sight, out of mind. Ah, but are they? No…Out of sight, but always seeking escape beneath the lids. Unresolved, pure acid, destructive to all. ‘Welcome’ can be so deceiving up in the attic of my mind. 

an attic--decorations-Fall-SwittersB-Photography


Nature & Halloween: Along Came a Spider……..

Things were easing along through the Halloween evening…knocks at the front door, the dog barking and young voices yelling ‘Trick or Treat’. Suddenly, the noise level elevated. My wife shrieked for my presence. I suspected my wife was being robbed of her stash of Air Heads by a gang of too old to trick or treat juveniles. No, young girls were pointing out a dangling decoration above the front door.

I came to the door to see a large, grape sized body with long legs spinning a web from the Halloween lights I had strung above the door. I carefully scooped the creepy spider into a container and took it into the kitchen thinking I am going to photograph this critter.

I got the camera and plopped the spider out onto a paper towel thinking the spider might cooperate. It took some doing because this spider had ideas about spinning a web around the kitchen! I got a few shots and then released the spider away from the front door decorations.

spider3 SwittersB

spider4 SwittersB

spider 2 SwittersB

spider1 SwittersB


Photography: Creepy Factor

creep hauntedMore than one person working inside and out at my dear departed parents old house felt they were not alone during different stages of the cleanup. Sounds, movements, shadows, energies more than once creeped out the help. 

Knowing the history of the house, I have to wonder if there wasn’t some forces at play or being playful. I actually had people refuse to be alone in the house.

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