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Danielle Lowry (13) & Grandfather, Greg Lowry of Boise, Idaho at 2009 Albany Expo

There were dozens upon dozens of talented fly tyers at the 2009 NW Fly Fishing-Fly Tyers Expo in Albany, Oregon. I watched several and learned as I worked my way up and down the aisles. At one point, I settled upon two tyers, Danielle and Greg Lowry of Boise, Idaho. Both were tying nymphs using the Polish Weave or Shuttle Cock Weave. I sat and watched as both Danielle and Greg nicely demonstrated the how to components of the weave. I learned that Greg learned the technique a few years ago at the same show and was now passing on his knowledge to others. It was a good learning experience from both of them.

Greg Lowry Tying Weave Pattern, Albany, Oregon

Greg Lowry Tying Weave Pattern, Albany, Oregon


Greg Lowry Stonefly Experiment


img_9917a (slightly different method)

Greg Lowry's Finished Cal. Stonefly

Greg Lowry's Finished Cal. Stonefly

Always pleasant to see youth tyers, especially young ladies. I suspect we will see more of Danielle in the years to come. At least I hope so…oh, and Greg too. Thanks for the help.  


A couple points re the tying: the material Greg was using for the body was embroiderer’s thread; he wrapped a tungsten under body and over wrapped the round weighted form with thread. Then he tied in some embroiderer’s thread (not the ones for the body) and then over wrapped the weight and then, the space where the weight stops at the rear and then the  hook shank progresses toward the bend, Greg wrapped the thread to build up or fill in that gap  and then he over wrapped that with tying thread. Most importantly, he did this to support the tungsten (or lead) before he took pliers and flattened the body. Without the over wraps, the pliers would compress the body and the threads would cut/spring loose ruining the under body. Greg took his time forming the weighted/thread under body before flattening the weight…..then he was ready to start the weave…the pictures depict well the flattened abdomen.  


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