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My Daughter…Giving Thanks

Boy did I recently catch hell after yet another post regard one of my sons and their fishing or photographic prowess. My daughter, Theresa, let it be known that I had never really posted anything about her on SwittersB. Hmm? I thought. Well how could I do that given she has never really fly fished, tied flies or …….. And, then I thought, geeze she had camped, hiked, taken photography classes, played sports, traveled to remote locations and all along showed what an outdoor trooper she was. Of course she was more than worthy of acknowledgement in SwittersB. Long over due.

Besa Tony Disney World SBTheresa has always been an observer, an assessor, a planner, a leader, an implementer…rarely a follower. She has the energy and vision that begs action. Her personality is one of compassion with the realizations about life’s progressions. She currently is working with seniors in an assisted living environment, who have dementia. Her daily encounters with the other end of the life continuum has only made her all the more spiritual, loving and tolerant. So, here is a small photo montage of the go getter, my daughter. Perhaps some day, I will get her with a fly rod in her hand too. Regardless, she is very special and I love her.

Besa Trout Bubble Fly SB

Besa La Bandita SB

Tony Besa Walton L outlet SB

Besa Camping 3 Crks

Theresa CC GRad SB

thumb_Besa MJ Me_SB

besa + dad seattle sb


Father’s Day Celebration

My Father’s Day celebration was perfect this weekend. I heard from my four children early in the morning and considered myself blessed. I thought back to my Dad and did the usual assessment of his personality, strengths and arrived at the eventual conclusion…remarkable man…I was lucky, I was blessed.

I wish I would have told him that beyond when I told him, as I held his hand, as he took his final breathes in the hospital. 

This weekend, I attended my daughter’s graduation at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. It was a very pleasant celebration that segued, in my mind, into the joys of fatherhood, the bittersweet transitions, the sometimes blind luck that results in amazing kids.

Before Grads

6,000 empty seats on the stadium floor awaited the graduating class of 2013


My daughter about to walk up to receive her diploma. Optimism, relief, expectation, apprehension….life.



Photography & Life’s Progressions (Empty Space)

Empty Space

Our daughter just left, heading back to college. There is an empty space now. With that special energy and humor she swirled in and lifted all spirits…then she left…again. Such is life. Many are not so fortunate to have their children visit anymore for all manner of reasons. 

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