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Dean Crouser’s Art

I have noted the work of Dean Crouser before. Oregon based, he has exceptional painting skills and is a fine gentleman. Check out his new website at . Dean does wonderful work with a very reasonable price. Visit his site and admire the watercolors, ceramic tiles and wildlife creations. Gift Certificates are also available. His work completes one of my living room walls.

Dean Crouser


NW Fly fishing & fly tyer expo (a success in my book)

Robin Healy~StoneFlyMaidens for Casting for Recovery

Robin Healy~StoneFlyMaidens for Casting for Recovery

Well, I think it was a success because the show satisfied my needs and I met interesting people…talked briefly to Brian & Judith O’Keefe, Matt McCrary, Jack Hagan, Robin Healy , Dean Crouser, Don Nelson, and watched numerous tyers.  Bought some unique materials from Angling Specialties (Steven Korbay) and bought some beautiful watercolors from Dean Crouser. I also made the acquaintance of youth tyer, Danielle Lowry and her grandfather, Greg Lowry. Greg and Danielle gave me first hand instruction on using the Polish Weave technique (more to follow). The hot dog with lots of mustard and relish didn’t fail to give me heartburn. The beauty of a fly fishing/tying expo such as the Albany show is it presents visible generalizations that show the direction of the sport…the over all average age, minus any accumulation of data by me, was overwhelmingly 65+ years, in tyers and patrons. There was a respectable number of women in attendance, who seemed interested in the tying. Then some of the shops and vendors had the same “geez, I moved all this stuff here and no one is buying anything”. Tip: whining is not a magnet for business, especially if people can hear you bitchin’. Overall, I thought the show was pretty entertaining. The true barometers of booth sales, raffle and auction $$’s and actual number of attendees may indicate otherwise, but by me the show was just fine.    



Fly Fishing + Art (the obligatory post…but with a different ‘spin’)

Boys-at-the-Bridge by Dean Crouser

Boys-at-the-Bridge by Dean Crouser

Stereotypical thinking….we all fall into this. Recently, I was walking through the Portland Sportsman’s Show. I had already encountered the vivacious April Vokey, so my son and I were a bit off kilter at that point. There before us was a recognizable man painting away at one of those familiar booths filled with beautiful art we usually cannot afford. The man was Dean Crouser. Known to my son Tony and I from Track and Field..the optimum word being ‘Field’. In Tony’s younger years (he’s only 19 now) he had a strong desire to throw discus and javelin. We attended the Mt. Hood Relays each year in Gresham, Oregon…an always impressive display of US Track talent. In these meets, there would be Dean Crouser propelling out the shot with the many of the best in the world. Motivation is the point of attending these events and the Crouser family was and is renowned in Oregon Track for the throw events. So, here was a giant of a man seated with a delicate brush in his hand creating beautiful pieces of outdoor art..especially fly fishing art. Dean’s work is impressive and worthy of anyone’s any lodge, shop, office or home. Also, he is one hell of a nice man sans any ego or facade. Check out his work…if you can swing it or know someone who can…find a piece that resonates and buy it. His prices are extremely reasonable.


Decisions by Dean Crouser

Decisions by Dean CrouserDean Crouser


Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser

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