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Fly tying: deer hair collar…

A buoyant material added on a caddis pattern. Spun in a dubbing loop and wrapped as a collar/thorax. It is fairly durable and impressionistic of wing/legs.


Deer Damsel Fly Pattern

The Deer Damsel: I spun/dubbed a thorax collar of deer hair to represent legs. The rest of the pattern is the more traditional materials: stacked marabou tail and dubbed abdomen of hare’s ear with guard hairs.


Fly Tying: Over Wing & Under Wing (Hair and CDC)

October Caddis (SwittersB)

Size 8, straight eye hook, brown 8/0 thread, two herls of dyed orange peacock for abdomen with touch of orange dubbing for thorax, then one wrap of CDC and  one wrap of barred orange hackle, under wing: three CDC feather, over wing: deer hair.


October Caddis (SwittersB)

Same recipe as above except no barred orange hackle wrap. I tied in the under wing of  CDC then dubbed in front of it before tying in over wing of deer hair. An unnecessary step, I think.


October Caddis (SwittersB)

Dubbed orange abdomen here. One turn of CDC feather and then the under wing of four CDC feathers. The over wing is elk hair . The deer hair was nicer to work with. I left the heads scruffy and untrimmed. Just experimentations with my recent infatuation with CDC. The hook is too small and light wire for a steelhead skater. The head is also too small. A more pronounced head would be needed to better displace water/wake ‘n skate.

The under wing/over wing, comprised of CDC and deer or elk hair, will add considerable buoyancy. Another trigger or excitor factor I like are the dangling, busy, life giving CDC fibers. You might get some of this by simply tying in the under wing. But, I like the suggestion of life from wrapping a CDC hackle one to two times and allowing for the trailing fibers to work their magic on/in the water.


Fly Tying: Tied Down Caddis Pattern

Tied Down Caddis (TDC) SwittersB

Tied Down Caddis (TDC) SwittersB

I tied these with a yellow and a olive body. Originally, I only fished with an orange bodied TDC. I need to tie some of those orange bodies. This pattern doubles as a scud pattern too, for some. By the eye, I thought the hackle to be just fine, but in looking at the pic, the lens shows the hackle to be a bit overdressed and too long for my tastes. This is a lesson in fly tying, a pattern that you have never tied before or haven’t visited in a while, often requires a good half dozen efforts to fine tune the look and materials to maintain that look.

Size 14 nymph hook, 8/0 tan thread, deer hair tail and top pulled up over single strand of wool yarn (3 ply), tied in at back, which is wrapped up the shank and tied off. A brown hackle was tied in at same tie in point as single strand of yarn. Hackle was wrapped forward over body. The deer hair is then pulled over the body/hackle and tied down. The hard part (for me) is to then trim the deer hair close, then cover the deer hair to form a thread head, without too much build up. The body could be dubbed, but I would go with a dry fly type fine dubbing. Of course, the options abound.

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