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Didn’t make it…………..

photography-SwittersB-dead tree-natureWell now, not being superstitious…too much…there was something a bit off putting to have this dead tree in close proximity to my parent’s graves. Just sayin’ However, it did make for a chance at depth of field.


Photography: Questions (Who, What, When)

Hole in the Rock SwittersBPart of the enjoyment of photography, and outdoor pursuits in general, is having questions pop into your mind for further exploration. Here the photo begs questions. Because I am not overly inquisitive re the sciences, I gave a brief thought to how was that hole in the rock formed…but only briefly. The more studious photographer will think of lighting and depth of field considerations and form a critique…I kind of did.

No for me the question is ‘who/what crawled into that hole in the past?’ Did anyone ever crawl into that hole for shelter only to find a creature already inhabiting it for shelter? I am not just thinking the photo ops that have perhaps originated here, but rather what transpired a hundred years ago and farther back in time.


Moonlit Gates

Photography is gratifying in the anticipation, the preparation and developing an eye for what satisfies. I am a total novice in knowing my camera’s settings, understanding how to capture certain shots in their entirety (depth of field) or stopping to take certain shots rather than driving on by….too much of a hurry.

It is a lot like the planning, preparation, presentation of fly fishing. When it all comes together you know it. I hope to get to that point with a camera. I see shots but the other pieces of the equation are not there, so the shot does not come to life.

This shot is satisfying to me. Taken along a back road as it grew dark. My wife and I had just stopped fishing. Gear was loaded in the dark. It was chilly and the day had been so so fishing wise. It was a satisfying day, but not quite. Then I came around a corner and there was this setting. It resonated with me and I hopped out camera in hand. I had enough presence to adjust the ISO, to hold steady without a tripod, and to take it…headlights and all. Simple,  rustic, quiet. Skyfall Video

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