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Photography: Cloud Cap

Cloud Cap SwittersB


Ranch Life: What does this mean?

I came across these two poles some fifteen feet or more in the air with strands of barbed wire strung across the from pole to pole and wedged in between the strands of wire was a large bone (femur?). Now I have no idea what that signifies. Maybe nothing but good humor or something more obvious to those that are around the ranch life. I took a photograph and planned to research the meaning. I have come up with zip, zero, nada.

Maybe it is a good luck gesture…or to ward off bad juju gesture…or a sign of the cattle and ranch life…or some one has a big appetite. Maybe someday some one will comment here and let us know. Probably obvious, but not to me.

OK: Update….I contacted some land owners near this interesting landmark and received this explanation for the large bone suspended between posts on barbed wire: some time ago the owners of the land placed the large bone up above as a humorous item to promote conversation and suggest the cattle rancher’s life out West. So, kind of artistic and tongue in cheek.


Fly Fishing & Digital Photography

Don't Be A Prisoner to Auto Mode!

For me, understanding camera basics has been akin to being back in high school algebra. Brain freeze. That side of my brain was probably damaged when I was dropped as an infant. It has never computed for me. So, when I read about shutter speed, aperture, ISO setting and depth of field and realize they are interconnected my mind, at first quakes, then sighs in relief that there is an auto setting for my cameras.

I’m spoiled by nice mid-level cameras. But, is that going to teach me how to maximize the capabilities of the cameras/lens? Of course not. If you are like me, every little bit helps in the take me by the Manual Mode hand and teach me. Here is a good Digital Camera Tutorial site for the beginner that wants the cues on how  to experiment with confidence in that manual mode. So, if that creative streak hits you out there on the water or at the bench take a chance. Of course you can search down the right side of my blogroll for the true experts in fly fishing photography. Inspiring and exceptional work; they obviously excelled in algebra or weren’t dropped on their heads.

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