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What is this?

In Portland, this Spring, we have had heavy rains and warmer temps. The roses, in our garden, look quite stressed. Some rose buds have the “balling” signs (thick, gluey outer coating stopping the rose from opening). This bud had the moss like growths popping out from the base of the frustrated petals. I have never seen this before. Warmer, drier weather has arrived for a bit, so I hope this remedies what ails them.


Sex: Reality vs. Idealism

“Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.” Hunter S. Thompson

Sex Madness Movie (1938) Poster in a Portland ‘junk’shop

warning-sex madness-danger-film-poster-photography-SwittersB




“Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely.”  P.J. O’Rourke


paper towels-tavern-sink-dirt-SwittersB-photography


Salmonella & Chicken Poop

Whose Feathers?

“Don’t Look At Me”

If you or someone you know is raising some hens for eggs or more, then share this LINK re cleanliness and avoiding illness. Wash your hands and watch the transference of that chicken poop about your property.

“Salmonella can be found in the intestines of chickens. That means that their droppings can be infected. And because chickens are often in a confined space, there is a good chance that their feathers, feet and beaks also have Salmonella on them just from their walking around in their environment.

The germs can also get on anything they come in contact with – their cages, coops, water dishes, hay and dirt.

In other words, just by working with your chickens, you can get Salmonella on your hands, shoes, clothes, etc. And this creates the environment that allows you to get infected.”


Wild Fish Endangered: Salmon Confidential Documentary

Wild Salmon in B.C. are suffering diseases heretofore unknown in the waters for returning wild salmon. Why? Some strongly believe the scientific data shows nearby fish farms are breeding disease that is infecting the passing wild salmon.

To whatever degree you mentally invest in wild, natural, nature, the environment, whatever your sense of balance in the natural scheme of things…this issue of fish farming and the possible/probable infestation of wild strains of fish should cause alarm.

Also, factor in the food supply (I wish advocates would leave out the “children” emotionality of their arguments…enough about the children emotional appeals on every topic under the sun) and the dangers of marketing tainted food. Watch the trailer for Salmon Confidential. The actual release is scheduled for mid October. More details here as well.

Industries, jobs, money infused into local economies, government stone walling, doctored research, expert vs. expert, advocates on both sides make these discussions/debates/arguments tiresome after awhile. Nonetheless, something is wrong in B.C. and many other waters around the world where fish farming is established.

wild salmon


Art: Poor Aesthetics While One Ponders?

Hospital Waiting Room SB

Spend any amount of time visiting a hospital and you will end up in one of those smaller, side waiting rooms. Often, those life altering words are dispensed your way in these and then you sit and ponder what looms before.

Perhaps you ponder this image on a wall. I looked at this as I pondered imminent change. The alert photographic eye is apparently sometimes able to see through the turmoil of life altering events…I snapped this picture because I thought what a ghastly image for a room where people sit and ponder the sudden changes in lives. Not very soothing……………..


Eat, Drink and Be Merry…Mummies Say Live It Up!?

In keeping with the ever vascillating healthy living alerts and confusing data….how about this study…CTScans of a hundred + of mummies reveals over a third had hardening of the arteries and signs of heart disease…and get this:

“Researchers say that suggests heart disease may be more a natural part of human aging rather than being directly tied to contemporary risk factors like smoking, eating fatty foods and not exercising.” (Read more here)


AP/Google Images


Lyme Disease: It Can Be Misdiagnosed!

This morning, I was watching one of those dream trip, Saturday morning fly fishing shows about the Naknek R.. The show was the Seasons on the Fly. Curious, I went to their site and noted a header for Lyme Disease. Not the normal header tucked in amongst the usual fly fishing topics. Definitely worth a look see. The wasted years of dealing with debilitating illnesses (and misdiagnosis) is one of life’s most frustrating journeys. 

bullseye rash sb


SLINGSHOT Water Purification by DEKA: Think of the Potential


A new water purification system, the Slingshot, emerging from DEKA RESEARCH

Scientist and inventor, Dean Kamen, is responsible for the innovative efforts at DEKA RESEARCH. This Slingshot Water Purifier system has been expensively floating around for at least 10 years. It is reportedly quite efficient at producing pure water from very impure sources. Once the price can be more affordable, the consequences for water challenged areas of the world will be profound.

“One Slingshot unit can purify up to 300,000 liters of water each year — enough daily drinking water for roughly 300 people — producing 10 gallons of clean water an hour while consuming less than 1 kilowatt of electricity, which is less than the amount of power needed to run a standard handheld hair dryer. The unit can be plugged into the local grid or can be powered by other locally available and renewable power sources such as solar cells, batteries, or another DEKA invention — the Stirling electric generator, which can be powered by biogases such as methane from local waste sources.” (X)



Bedbugs: City Rankings (Now I itch!)

I’ve written about this in the past and each time, as I am reading the article, I develop an itch…like a pin prick somewhere on my body. Psychosomatic disorders is another topic for later perhaps?

“It is said that bedbugs are not a health hazard and they can’t transmit disease. But I believe they are talking about a bedbug transmitting disease from injecting saliva into your skin during the initial stages of feeding on your blood.

After a bedbug has finished feeding (about fifteen minutes), it is engorged with human blood. The slightest pressure will cause the bug to burst open and spray blood in all directions. Picture of a bedbug that popped and was partially filled with blood can be found at

Here is a list of the top, frequent U.S. cities with bedbug treatments. Now I’m itching again! Nasty little critters, but beyond itching and the mental imagery of blood bloated crawlies around your face at night, they allegedly do not pose a disease hazard, just that bite/itching thing. Damn, now I’m itching again! Consider this a non-flyfishing entomological lesson, of sorts. Dust mites, bed bugs, spiders, fleas….it’s a wonder we get any sleep.

Bed Bug Getty IMages ABC News

Bigger than a flea, but more pesky to humans. Image: Getty/ABC News

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