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Fly Tying: Dubbing Brush Abdomen

These are your standard bead head pupa patterns  on the curved shank hooks (size 14). The pattern is unique in that I trailed a small portion of a dubbing brush from the bend of the hook and then wrapped the dubbing brush forward to build up the abdomen. Then a wing made from a section of hen feather and a turn or two of hackle behind the gold bead. The pattern is so productive. The trailing material from the dubbing brush stays intact and is durable. 



Fly Tying: Dubbing Brushes


Caddis Pupa Style Nymph (Czech w/o backstrap & ribbing)

I have mentioned dubbing brushes before. They are not necessarily superior to standard dubbing techniques, but they are a treat…like a special dessert now and then. I always buy some when attending the FFF fly fishing gathering in Albany, Oregon (March 2011, look for it). Fly Tying Specialties offer them in single, double and triple color options. In the pattern above, I use a 3 color variation. Tie and and wrap. The brushes never fail to please.


Czech Nymph Materials for Caddis

This Caddis pattern was created from the dubbing brushes so popular now for Cz Nymphs. Now of course, the same look is attainable without a ‘brush’. The brushes come in sets and each end of the brush is the darker thorax part. The only small annoyance I have noted is you have to know how far up on the lighter colored fur of the brush to go for a tie in point. Then if you wrap forward correctly you reach the darker dubbing just as you wrap the thorax portion. I have not perfected this quite yet and of course it is no biggy. Mostly, I still dub one portion at a time. But, these are nice and premade, if not a bit defeating of the purpose of employing the various skills of tying. Oh well, synthetics could be viewed the same way in lieu of natural components. These same brushes are available via (Steve Korbay) and Siman Ltd. (Jan Siman). Eventually, Korbay advises he will soon carry the device that spins the dubbing brushes on thin wire. They are a bit expensive but can be viewed on Siman’s site. Those crafty ones amongst you could replicate it I am sure.     

This pattern, although a Caddis, could be a dandy little mayfly nymph with a tail of mallard, teal or whatever.    

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