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Trusting & Chance

 I recall sitting in a bar on October 17, 1989 waiting on the third game of the World Series (Oakland~San Francisco) when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit during this nationally televised event. The double decker Oakland-Bay Bridge, as well as the Cypress Street Viaduct collapsed killing 43 during the rush hour traffic. Trust…trust in engineers, contractors and the forces of nature to avoid the rare, big one. Trust day in and day out in our people around us to do the right thing in a civil society…the forces of nature be damned.

Double Decker Bridge-Fremont Bridge-Portland-Trust-Construction-Photography-SwittersB

Fremont Bridge

The Fremont Bridge in Portland, Oregon, a double decker bridge (one of two in town) that spans the Willamette River.

Fremont Bridge-Photography-SwittersB-Portland


Fukushima & The Pacific Ocean’s Damage?


There seems to me to be so much alarmism over so many alleged man made ‘disasters’ and cooking the numbers to substantiate the alleged disasters. So the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster might just be one of those disasters that truly is a looming crisis in the decades ahead. 

“Over the coming years, this ongoing disaster could potentially affect the health of millions upon millions of people living in the northern hemisphere, and the sad thing is that a lot of those people will never even know the true cause of their health problems.”

“Overall, the Fukushima nuclear facility originally contained a whopping 1760 tons of nuclear material. That is a massive amount of nuclear material.  Chernobyl only contained 180 tons.”

“And of course the crisis at Fukushima could be made even worse at any moment by a major earthquake.  In fact, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit northern Japan on Sunday.”


New Madrid Faultline (Previous, Massive Quake When the Log Cabins Collapsed)

“Reelfoot Lake is a by-product of the New Madrid Earthquakes.  A series of 1,874 recorded tremors centered generally about 70 miles southwest of the lake in Missouri took place from December 16, 1811 to March 8, 1812.  The “hard shock” came at 3 a.m., Friday, February 7, 1812, and could be felt over an area of one million square miles from Canada to the eastern seaboard to New Orleans.  Witnesses reported that the earth and river were torn with furious convulsions and created sunken lands, fissures, landslides and land domes.  It is said that, for a time, the Mississippi River flowed backwards filling in the newly-sunk area now know as Reelfoot Lake.”   Interesting Quake Info

This map shows areas damaged by the Dec. 16, 1811, magnitude 7.2 earthquake. That earthquake was the first of three major temblors along the New Madrid fault in 1811 and 1812. (Image courtesy of Seth Stein, based on results by Susan Hough)

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