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Spey Casting: Followup Homework

I spent the better part of the day on the Sandy River fishing for steelhead. No pulls, but I had a good day. I found a very nice drift. I fished reasonably well and had the luxury of no one pushing me downstream. I got to practice, visualize (remember the post re Mike Kinney and his excellent word pictures?) and correct. At the end of the day, maybe two thirds of the casts really laid out nicely, but my attitude was such that there was no pressure, just a relaxed time on the water with beautiful conditions.

Snap T, or was it a Snap C?

But, I decided to do some followup studying when I got home and try to figure out why my Snap T’s or Z’ C’s petered out and caused my fly to unerringly wrap around the end of my rod. I need visuals. I came across a site by Alastair Gowans @ LetsFlyFish. It has some nice basic visuals re some of the Skagit casts as well as other types of fly fishing casts. I also need to pull out Ed Wards Skagit Master DVD and review while today’s fishing is fresh on the mind. I am building the imprint. Got home for last half of the Super Bowl and then it started pouring outside. The day was perfect. (Ok, upon further review, I am not bringing my rod back down river after the snap, but rather stopping as shown in pic, which leaves it open to tangles)


Spey Casting & Skagit Master (A Critique From a Beginner)

I have previously made an investment in the gear and some river time to learn Spey Casting. I have not made a full commitment as some do. So, although I have been out on the river and been fortunate to fish while receiving excellent instruction, I have not ingrained the muscle memory from repetitively performing the movements. So, each outing it is awkward for quite awhile until I seem to settle into an ok routine. 100 casts and maybe 10 feel right. Not very good really. I had purchased the Ed Ward dvd sometime back after Buster first touted the quality. Only recently have I been able to watch it front to back and come away with an impression.

It is a tutorial that will require you to get out on a large grassy field and/or the river to practice. It is real instruction not fluff.  The dvd is filmed mostly on a large, grassy plain with cottonwood trees doing their thing. Ed really requires you to think, to visualize, and to go forth and practice, and to come back. Frankly, a laptop in the rig, a park nearby and practicing would be good. There is much to understand as he painstakingly explains plains and angles and hand placements. It is a perfect beginner’s tutorial. It will have to be watched over and over. You can break down the different casts and work through the ‘how was that again’ confusion. Also, Ward’s instruction on how to tie and how to build loops is real and down to earth. Watch this over and over to get all the verbal ques Ward teaches.(Skagit Master DVD)

Some older Spey Info from 2001 that is interesting to read.      And, here re Kings and Ed’s setup.


Spey Casting (In Its’ Simplest Form, Big Advantages in Coverage)

Evan Muncy Looking at the Business End of a Z Axis


I don’t propose to instruct you on the finer points of a two hander. I have a couple rigs and suspect I will be spending the rest of my life trying to remember all the moves beyond the C spey, the Skagit Double spey, the Perry Poke etc……There are numerous movements involved in Spey Casting and if you know them well it is probably akin to telling someone how to ride a bike…   But, I know this…the basic moves of the spey rod produce amazing results with minimal effort…even for a novice. Like buying a one hander, if you can afford at least a mid range priced set up, do so. Don’t be intimidated by those waving the magic wand…take a lesson or too, be patient with yourself, very patient. Pull with that bottom hand more than push with the top and have fun with a sloppy 70-80′ cast with the bank high to your rear. Get better and the drift is yours to explore and understand. Read the works of Larimer, Hogan et al and watch Ward’s dvd, check out YouTube vid’s…be inspired. Go to the river and do not compare and be frustrated (unless you are blessed)…just quietly and patiently work on the basics and soon enough you too will try to explain just how you ride a bike. Buy Ed Ward’s Skagit Master DVD and watch over and over…then get out there. Excellent fly tying info re tying Intruder’s


Spey Rod Magic (Ed Ward)

I was checking out the always informative and current BusterWantsToFish blog and saw a piece about Ed Ward and a for sale dvd highlighting his skills as a master innovator in the spey rod world. I watched a trailer and once again I marveled at how images so affect my moods and motivation. Some people put together glimpses of a world that so resonate with me. You are immediately transported to that familiar place and also become acutely aware of how important humility is when assessing one’s skills with a two hander. I am way behind on waving the wand. The Deschutes R. is peaking.

Take a good look at Buster’s site and it should be on your links list, especially if you reside in the NW…but even if you don’t! Oh, I bought Ed Ward’s dvd….


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