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Fly Tying: Rainbow Emerger

I tied up just a few of these Rainbow Emergers some years ago. Tucked them away in a fly box and forgot about them. I originally tied a Central Oregon pattern called a Roxy Rainbow (partridge wrapped wing and tail, rainbow Krystal Flash strands wrapped for abdomen, peacock thorax, ribbing optional). I was first intro’d to the Roxy on East Lake (Oregon).

Roxy Rainbow SBx

Here, with the emerger, I used a Guinea feather for the tail and then wrapped in a (sloppy) abdomen of Rainbow Krystal Flash then made a couple wraps of grizzly hackle and overlaid the body and hackle with the remaining Guinea and tied it off. The intent was to fish this pattern in the upper strata of a lake as an emerger patterm. I believe it still has some merit and the abdomen could sport various colors of Krystal Flash/Tinsel.

rainbow emerger SB

Rainbow Emerger



Fly Tying: Emerger~Wet

Just my ongoing kick with CDC and Starling to create a wet fly sort of pattern. I say that because some will take exception to the overly dressed, complicated creation as not in line with the simple silk/floss body and two turns of sparse grey hackle. Buzzer sound here….  To each their own. It must be quite apparent, I am not a traditionalist, even though I do know and respect the origins of certain patterns. I am more in tune with the last times on the water and what worked and presented well.


Fly Tying: CDC Winged Emerger

A little randomness in tying. A size 16, Emerger pattern tied to sit low in the film, and sink a bit at the end of the presentation. The Z-lon tail/shuck could be left off and the pattern could be used as a low riding Caddis pattern. Each one looks different, (not unusual for me) as I experimented with hackle color, thread color, body material (thread or dubbing) and thorax color/material. Same techniques to tie but different outcomes.


Fly Tying (Marabou Plume for Tail and Body of Fly)

Emerger or Damsel Pattern (Wrapped Marabou Body w/ Tail) SB

So many fly tying materials bring a special something to fly it peacock, ostrich, hare’s mask, partridge etc. One such material is marabou . It provides the suggestion of life whether you think to impart motion or not through your presentations. In the above photo, you can see that I pinched off a dozen fibers (more or less) from the plume’s stem. I had already tied in a burnished copper rib. I tied in the tail over the hook barb (my frequent tie in reference point). It is important to tightly secure that tail with minimal thread wraps. Because once it is secured the remaining material (marabou fibers) are wrapped up the shank toward the eye to form the abdomen of the fly. If the tail is not secured then as you begin to wrap the remaining marabou up the shank, the torque of the initial wraps will cause the tail to rotate away from you out of alignment.

Once the body is tied off up near the thorax region, the wire ribbing is wrapped up to form a segmented body/abdomen. Can you see how the marabou provides a suggestion of gills that are typical of some mayfly nymphs? (Ostrich does this as well) A small thorax was dubbed on using a synthetic dubbing material with copper highlights. This pattern is suggestive of mayfly nymphs, emergers (fished high) and could be a small damsel fly. As you look at these patterns, and the simplicity is in your face, it is possible to discount the pattern as not sophisticated or complex enough. Seriously, simple is better more often than not. More complex patterns are ok for the tier that requires more challenge in tying and creativity. For the fish, refusals may not be due to simplicity but more than likely to your presentation. Make it more complex if you must….but, you will come back to where you started sooner or later….simplicity.

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