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Fly Tying: Goggles/No Goggles

I tied two flies, not identical but close enough, on a size 14 hook. Although the differences are not that apparent there are a few obvious differences (pattern on right): I rolled the tail, wrapped the abdomen with more gaps and generally did not see the mistakes as I tied. With the goggles (ok, magnification specs) I tended to see as I tied my mistakes and unwound more often. What I know/see is that I am tying slower. That is ok, as I don’t tie that many patterns at a sitting anymore (maybe 10 to 15 at a sitting, often less). Most of my patterns are trout patterns and simply easier to tie, even if on a much smaller hook.

Goggles on the Left....No Goggles on the Right

I am enjoying this new fly tying tool (magnification specs/goggles). I have enormous respect for those tiers that tie with such precision. I will be satisfied to improve the basic elements of my tying: proportions, cleaner starts and finishes and everything in between.


Fly Tying: Antron Loop Wing for Emerger

This is a shot of a pattern I had seen in Tying Emergers: A Complete Guide.  I used pheasant tail fibers for the tail and body on a size 16 hook. The wing was a piece of Antron yarn tied in at the back of the thorax area. I dubbed a sparse thorax of hare’s ear, then pulled the piece of Antron over the top, loosely, to form a loop. Then it is tied off at the eye of the hook. No hackle. I fished this in the midst of a mayfly hatch and had ok results with it. However, it did not stay in the film long before sinking. So, I could do several things: use a dubbing for abdomen like Super Fine; make sure hook is light wire (it was); experiment with CDC for the loop wing: grease the leader with floatant paste down to the final inch; let if float ’til it sinks, then let it sink and work it back toward the top with slow hand twist retrieve like an emerging mayfly.


Superb French Fly Tying Visuals~Jean-Paul Dessaigne (travail étonnant)

La Clipe Emerger

La Clipe Emerger

bulleguepeI have highlighted the superb work of French Fly Tier Jean-Paul Dessaigne before. The photography is very good and the tutorials are perfect. You can easily (well pretty much) make sense of the French descriptors.



Soft Hackles (Whiskey Creek Primer)

Bead Head Wet

Stella's Seducer (Wet)~G. Muncy

Excellent sequence of posts re tying the Soft Hackles. I have a friend, who fishes soft hackles probably 90% of the time on streams-rivers and is a phenomenal fly fisher. He loves starling and partridge and rarely goes bigger than size 16’s unless the specific hatch calls for it.


Flymph (Nymph+Wet Fly)

I know most of you are pretty smart men and women (has to be at least a few women checking in here). Thie attached link is beyond pics and visual stimulation. It actually requires you to read and take in the wisdom of those that paved the way. No testosterone here, no perfect little ass. Just pleasant reading and an appreciation of the Flymph fly, the perfect blend of components. I even learned the original intent of North County Spiders and the evolution of emerger concepts. But, you can start with the pics if you must.    

FLYMPH by Allen McGee

You must tie your fly and fish your fly so the trout can enjoy and appreciate it”

-James Leisenring


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