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Fly Fishing: Butt Wraps

Anytime you are shooting line, it has to be part of your visual assessment routine to note line wrapped around the butt section of your rod behind the reel. This is particularly important with a two hander. The angler will most probably maintain a loop of line several feet long, which facilitates  unwrapping the line from the rear of the rod, if it has made its way to the wrong side of the handle.

For a single handed rod for trout fishing, the loop is not usually maintained, so once the line is shot up the guides, it is important to look down and make sure the line is not wrapped around the butt. The line will be under tension. The problem here is the line will be under extreme tension/friction if counter wrapped around the butt. The fish/line will not be able to pull directly upon the reel spool/drag system. The tension of a large fish (should you be so lucky) on the tippet will make it difficult to unwrap the fly line to its correct alignment.

Eric McMillan (maintains the loop with line wrapped wrong direction on rod butt) He will be in a better position to note the butt section and unwrap it to correct position. TMuncy @ SwittersB


Eric McMillan Nymphing for Steelhead

Some solely swing flies (the quartered cast and the fly swung in an arc across the river) for steelhead (or salmon) because of the challenge, or the purist mind set or because they haven’t realized an alternative technique exits. Nymphing for steelhead (or salmon) can be the best option on smaller streams. Sometimes the best presentation is a horizontal or a lateral presentation of the fly rather than swung on an arc. Note in video below that friends are siting for angler from above and relaying steelhead’s actions. A true friend sets the rod aside to aid the angler.

Some fly fishers inadvertently hook into steelhead while fishing for trout. This is often with a trout rod and a smaller nymph and the steelhead wins. But, it sparks the connection and the appreciation for a slightly bigger nymph and a little more muscle in the rod.

Roll Cast, Mend, Set

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Prince Nymph in Larger Size Good for Steelhead Nymphing (SB)

Ah, yes the egg pattern...Babine Special (SB)


Fly Fishing: Some Fish & Some Click…Framing the Day

Eric McMillan & Jason Osborn Chasing Early Summer's (Tony Muncy)

My kid takes a few moments each outing to click away to capture cool moments, or he experiments. That is his way…artistic, thinking, looking close and far. I asked, “don’t Jason and Eric have cameras to take a few shots of you?”  My kid didn’t hit me with “dude”…he knows better…I hate the f***ing word…but, in his most condescending way he informed me that “…these guys fish. they don’t screw around. they fish all day.” So, I get that. I use to be that way. Oblivious to bodily, familial, dutiful needs. I wore out. So, I admire that ability. And, I appreciate anyone that can set aside the rod and spoil the focused ones. Don’t get me wrong…the kid can fish, he just has this artsy thing for which I’m thankful and envious of his eye.

Boat Adrift Washougal River (Tony Muncy)

He doesn’t have a great camera, a beat up Pentax Optio W30, several years old, that has withstood the demands and does pretty well.

Their World (Tony Muncy)

PMD..No Match the Hatch Today (Tony Muncy)

Thanks Tony for taking a few moments out from a long, wet day with plucks, tugs, takes  and nothing to show for it except great memories and a few moments captured.

Framing the Day (Tony Muncy)


Fly Fishing: Stonefly Syndrome on the Deschutes River

The stone flies nymphs are readily available year around. Little Blacks, Browns, Skwala’s, Golden’s and the Giant Stone’s are scurrying about. Of course, come early Summer the focus is on the dry fly action as the Salmon Fly hatch and Golden Stones flutter forth.

Recently Tony Muncy, Eric McMillan and Greg Kohn drifted the Deschutes River for some early season trout fishing. They did well with a variety of Caddis Pupa patterns, Stonefly nymphs and egg patterns. They did a kick seine study and came up with some nice examples of a Golden Stone and Giant Stone nymph.Oh guys, one camera between you is not nearly enough.

Eric McMillan on the Deschutes R. (T. Muncy)

The guys put in at Beavertail and took a few days to explore down to Mack’s Canyon.

McMillan Heading Around the Bend (T. Muncy)

In the event that you follow a fish into deeper water, Eric employs a technique for removing water from your waders.

McMillan Draining the Waders (T. Muncy)

Deschutes R. Redside (Eric McMillan)

Freedom (T. Muncy)



Flyfishing Tattoo (Eric McMillan’s Good Luck Charm)
















One of the definite benefits of working at a flyshop is you meet interesting people. Tony recently met Eric McMillan and they have been exploring the rivers in Oregon and Washington. Tony relates that Eric is very good with a single hander and appears to be equally upto learning the two hander. This weekend Eric and Tony fished the Kalama all day and tested the quality of their rain gear. Eric, twenty seven years old, long ago, cut his teeth fishing for steelhead on the Kalama River in SW Washington. It was evident to Tony that Eric knew every run on the river. Tony experimented with new tubes and together the two accounted for six walloping takes, turns and departures…all good for instant adrenaline dumps and assorted exclamatory phrases. Salmon were brought to hand and a great day was enjoyed…and the rain gear stood the test!


Eric allowed Tony to photo his tattoo and upon close inspection the artwork combines the good luck of the saucy mermaid and portrays the ‘fish on’ in the background.     (Tattoo Advice Before the Needle Hits the Skin)


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