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Have a beautiful May Day of positive energy. Say prayers for those struggling with health issues, very ill family members and over burdened minds/hearts during these times. 


Footbridge at dusk…

over Reed Lake in SE PDX


Portland’s Eastbank Esplanade…

A portion, along the Willamette River. ‘Love locks’ on the fenceline. Fresh air and exercise.


Brain Scans, euphoria & exercise….of some sort

Interesting to see the below brain scan (MRI) images of person at rest and later after a twenty minute walk. The pleasure centers are glowing from the bout of exercise. I imagine this is equally true for various other forms of exercise (indoors and outdoors) that are extended enough to elevate the juices and provide that euphoric feeling post exertion.

brain scan, MRI, brain waves, exercise, rest, SwittersBAs I read this morning of 6 climbers swept to their deaths on Mt. Rainier, I am reminded to stick to ‘safer’ modes of exercise and celebrating the outdoors. Hiking, rowing, kicking, wading, walking, waving that rod are quite enjoyable to me. After many hours of that, I feel physically challenged and pleasantly fatigued…my MRI would be glowing too.

Photography-Macro-Lightning Bug-Calibaetis Nymph-SwittersB

Now I don’t exert much energy fly tying. Not everything has to be a physical challenge. But, the anticipation of presenting the morsel is preparatory to the outing.

Pre-planning, gear already organized and ready to stow in a car, truck, boat, pack is part of the enjoyment whether fly fishing, photography, hiking, backpacking, etc. Once you arrive and pull out the gear and set forth the pulse quickens and the challenges as they develop usually only enhance the entire experience. 

Trout-Kamloops Trout-Photography-Fly Fishing-Bucky-SwittersB

Caught & Released Kamloops Trout…caught on a Callibaetis Nymph pattern.

It is time for my yearly cautionary admonition…safety, risk management, preparations.

danger-collage-images-safety-SwittersBEvery year, I do this for myself as much as for SwittersB visitors: are you prepared for your outdoor excursions: fitness, hydration, maps, first aid, over night stay considerations, falls, tumbles, snakes/scorpions/yellow jackets/ticks, all the what if’s should at least be considered. Where is the nearest hospital? How would I request emergency assistance? Do I know where I am right now? Dead battery? Flat tires? Did I tell anyone where I was going? Risk avoidance & a little planning without over thinking it will enhance your outdoor experiences.

That out of the way, it is time to elevate that pleasure center and set those brain cells to humming!


Let There Be Light! Get off your ass…..

While Light Deprivation leads to Super Potent Pot, it leads to ever increasing inertia in my psyche. I start craving light and warmth about mid-February as the constant grey days close in and rob me of motivation and momentum. 

photography-macro-fly tying-woolly bugger-SwittersBI don’t think I am in the throes of SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder), but I surely need brightness and more exercise.  I have become too wussy to Winter Steelhead for very long and much too sedentary with a computer on my lap. I went hiking this past weekend to take photos…a simple hike…and felt muscle soreness the next day…a clear indication that more activity is in order and that this linkage with technology is askew. Let there be light & I need to get off my ass. Fly fishing, hiking, photography, wild flowers, gardening, fresh air! Get up…get out. 


Less Wings and Beer…More O2

The above food and beverage(s) passed my lips many times this past year. Almost in a state of self-abuse, I consumed all manner of deep-fried this and that: chicken, fish, pickles, mushrooms, cheese sticks, jalapeno peppers and fries. Washed down with several bebidas, I was less than kind to my health. Now, I am not saying once in a while is not ok, but I was on a quest to clug up my innards while doing little to maintain fitness. 

I worked countless hours at the Hoarding House, but that was not really big muscle exercise. So, this past week after taking a short jaunt into a river’s canyon, I could sense I was terribly out of shape. There was not spring in my step, no feeling of fitness.

So, last night I decided to venture back to the gym. I went slow and easy. Getting a sense of where I was on the fitness scale. I soon found out and this morning I can feel it even more. It is going to be a long Winter. But, that hiking, wading, climbing over, stumbling about requires increased fitness. Less wings and beer…sigh.

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