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Dabbling Duck…



Nairobi, Kenya…since I posted this, a friend showed me inside photos from her travels there. There interior is quite clean and geared to humans…the giraffe visit and merely stick their heads in for loves and treats.





Birds & Trout Feeding…

An evening hatch of midges (chironomids) excited the feeding birds and trout (and the fly fishers)…

birds feeding-hatch-lake-Oregon-SwittersB

Sipping trout take suspended pupa and emerger patterns right below the surface…




 All trout caught/released…


October frenzy…

Rainbow Trout-fly fishing-net-fly-SwittersB

Oregon trout caught/released. Fly pattern: Callibaetis emerger

Cooler temps, and an all day feeding frenzy yielded many encounters with dining Rainbow Trout on an Oregon lake. The day started with Midges (Chironomids) and they kept coming off from early morning until a lull around 5PM. An emergence of the Callibaetis mayfly and a spinner fall added additional action just below the surface with large swirls and porpoising rises. Caddis fluttered about and there was the additional (rarely seen by me) Waterboatmen emerging and later splatting back through the surface film to swim toward the bottom. There was a sense of energy on the part of the fish, I hadn’t seen on recent outings. Colder mornings, geese flying South, foliage turning colors, the sun at a lower angle…not Fall yet, but one senses that late Summer feel.

trout release-Evan Muncy-photo-fish-Oregon-SwittersB

A Rainbow Trout caught on a Prince Nymph pattern along the edge of a dense weed bed. Caught/Released


Anna’s Hummingbirds

Anna HB SwittersBAnna’s Hummingbird

The trouble with this touchy-feely, one with the Earth deal there are traps. We have spent most of this past year maintaining feeding stations for Hummingbirds. My mother-in-law has done this for years and while visiting, I would find it interesting and amusing, so I gave it a try. Well now the trap: when the temps drop and the snow flies (as it has been…24 and snowing now) then this silliness in me ensues in which I am going outside to get the just frozen feeders, bring them back into thaw and then return them back out to the chattering, buzzing Anna’s Hummingbirds. They hover within a foot as I replace the feeders much like our dogs and cats do. 

I know they have coping mechanisms, etc. But, now I feel honor bound to keep the juice flowing. The cats enjoy the festivities too…visual catnip.


Nature & Photography: Familiarity Breeds….Contentment….Kind of

HB Perch Empty SwittersBSeveral of you here feed Hummingbirds. My Mom-n-law has quite the loyal following of hummingbirds that seem quite comfortable with up close viewers. I shot this through the window inches away with my cell phone. East wind was blowing hard against the window/feeder/bird. The feeder was empty. Oh my, a calamity to the caring bird lady! The feeder was filled in short order.

Our Hummingbirds, at our home, are much more skittish and rarely captured so easily in an image. Perhaps it’s the two cats lurking nearby, tails switching back and forth, crouched and stealthily wishing they were outside.



Early Morning & Fishing

Wind Drift PresentationYou can probably recount the benefits of being in/on the water waiting for first light…I can only think of Salmon having that predilection for the pronounced early morning bite. Otherwise, I have a hard time anymore being the first on the water. 

For the trout fly fisher, so much is attached to hatches and when they hatch…thereby determining when you should be on the water for the greatest chance of success. But, I have to say, as much as I like to fish to rising fish (fish coming to the surface for the emerging insects), I often fish with out an evident hatch. Fishing deep (nymphing/dredging/trolling) has, for me, become equally satisfying and often productive.

That time, when the light of day (cloudy day or sunny day), is more dominant than the early morning darkness is magical to be on/in the water. Fish are cruising about, feeding, maybe looking up to emerging Chironomids or just moving horizontally, on the prowl. The fish take hard and run hard, waking you up and removing the morning chill and clearing your mind.

Morning fishing primes the day. Last light fishing, although often as productive, is disappointing with the abrupt ending…it makes me anxious for more…tomorrow morning.

Early Morn Trout SB



Trout & the Brrrrrr Factor

Trout Redside Release SB

If you are ‘fortunate’ to fish in the Winter for Trout, fish a short line/leader from the tip of the rod, exploring the Czech Nymph presentation with multiple flies dredged as slow/low as possible in front of lethargic Trout. There can be exceptions of on the surface activity with midges, but overall work the bottom where Trout are holding in locations that require little effort maintain.


The Temperature Factor & the Trout’s Feeding Habits

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