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Recording Your Family Recipe Treasures

Recently, I received a piece about In Memory’s Kitchen
It is a poignant tome about a group of Jewish women housed in a concentration camp in Terezin, Cz. The women, starving, awaiting death pieced together recollections of family recipes. They wrote them down on propaganda leaflets and wrote them in a combination of languages.

Later the compilation found its way, decades later to a daughter, who had survived the camps. The book was released and as noted in many reviews is a testament to the courage and heart the women possessed. Most touching is they knew they were to die. They wrote there recipes down for what reason? In order to celebrate a past simple life…to offer a memory or record of what was? It is a touching book, not for the recipes, but for the courage and heart of women, who dined on scraps from the garbage heaps while recording their favorites.

So, from a personal point of view, I offer this also as an incentive to record any and all family recipes that are not already written on a note card or piece of paper tucked into a cookbook: my mom made the world’s best potato salad. I have never tasted a better potato salad. Yet, I never acquired the how to steps of preparing it. For, five months my mom laid in my home, in a hospice environment. I watched her slip away in a slow motion dance with death. Not once did it occur to me to ask her how she made that magnificent potato salad. It seemed inappropriate at the time. My daughter-in-law has come close in replicating it, but the recipe would have been nice….that secret combination of ingredients…that edge.

Ask your mom, dad, aunt, mother-in-law for the recipe for that special dish, sauce, rub or cooking technique. So many times it is up there in their head. It has been altered from the original many times over the years. That is ok, get the memory down and celebrate the sharing of a family treasure. Do it soon!


Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler




Happy Easter Weekend from SwittersB

I was going to do the sign from a Baptist Church for Sexual Abstinence that read: Easter Comes Once a Year, How Often Do You? I didn’t even look for the hot babe Easter theme…just inappropriate. So, in keeping with our love of pups and bunnies, I chose this pic from The Sodblog



SwittersB’s Super Bowl XLV Pick

Well, I have never been a Pro Football fanatic. My allegiance is to the old I guess. YA Tittle, Johnny Unitas, John Brodie,  The 60’s Green Bay Packers of Lombardi, Bad Boy Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor and Bart Starr or the late 70’s Steelers of Lil’ Abner Bradshaw, Franco and Swan. Nothing has quite grabbed me since. Not the Montana 49ers, not the Cowboys nor the Vikings. I tried during the Bronco’s debacles. I don’t own a single jersey with someone’s name on the back (a genuine pussified garment in my estimation). Ok, I do have a few college shirts and hoodies and some All Blacks rugby shirts. So, with that in mind, my Super Bowl pick is to go fishing and forsake the ads, half time garbage, excesses and pretending I give a rat’s ass. So while everyone else is burping and scratching I am going out to find some private space.

SwittersB's Super Bowl Pick


Win Free Gear @ Great Lakes Steelhead Co.

Chris Tobias (The Angry Fisherman) wants to point you toward a promotional contest at at the Great Lakes Steelhead Co. Take a look.


“Over The River” & The Podunk Hicks

“People think we’re a bunch of Podunk hicks who don’t apprec­iate art.”

“At issue is a proposed installation by the artist Christo, who wants to “suspend 5.9 miles of silvery, lum­inous fabric panels high above the Arkansas River along a 42-mile stretch of the river between Salida and Caon City…”

An even better ‘wtf’ quote: “The actual viewing of the installation, called “Over The River,” would take place over two weeks in 2014, but it will take two years to build and several months to dismantle. Construction will consist mainly of installing anchors along the banks of the Arkansas, to which the cables that hold up the panels will be attached. The whole job is expected to cost $50 million.”

In this instance, may I comment that Art = Audacity, Arrogance, Assault


SwittersB, the Spey Rod & the Kinect XBox 360


SwittersB Feeling His Way

At some point in my life, fishing a single handed rod became akin to riding a bike. I recall, after many falls, when I could just do it. Same with the single handed rod. Seems second nature now.

However, a two handed rod is not second nature yet. The other night a mental/physical comparison came to mind. I was at my son’s house. He always has the newest this and that techno toy. The Xbox 360 Kinect toy was activated.

‘Oh let’s do the dance game’. Ha! That will be the day. Most of the men hunkered deeper into their chair, myself included. I am of the persuasion that maybe, I say maybe, after several alcoholic bebidas, I might get up and dance at a wedding. Certainly never the chicken dance. Certainly never solo.

So, I had no intention of standing before my family sans rhythm. Yet, there I was standing before everyone and trying to follow the prompts to dance to Funky Town. Awkwardly and mechanically, with no rhythm, I tried to keep up…but, demonstrated once again, SwittersB has no dancing capabilities (unless primed). I felt, at that moment, the same awkward, stilted, over thinking feelings I have when standing in a river waving a two handed rod in front of peers.

Will it pass? I think so, for the spey rod. I doubt it for Funky Town. The other thing such a game does is show you how out of shape you are. New Years Resolutions coming up (yet again).

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