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Texas Hill Country Photos

From Texas Hill Country (FB)

Came upon this off Facebook. Texas Hill Country has a nice collection of rural life photographs…some quite nice. Some interesting for one reason or another. If you have opted out of FB, I couldn’t find a site/blog link for same work.


Wild Land Fire Fighter Dies From Falling Tree

Anne Veseth, Volunteer Wildland Fire Fighter Dies

“For wildland firefighter Anne Veseth, the danger came not from out-of-control flames, but from above: She was struck by a falling tree on Sunday, ending her life at just 20 years.” (more)

I know several, perhaps you do as well, young kids who want to become a fire fighter or do something seemingly epic. The ones I know, are fully aware of the dangers. Most have also done volunteer fire fighter work for smaller towns. Always dangerous. The Feds can come do their due diligence and studies after the fact. In the meantime the kids are out there. A very dangerous undertaking and exhausting. Harsh Summer.


Tony Muncy Congrats! (Intern-Woodland Fire Department)

Tony Muncy~Intern Woodland (Wa. )Fire Dept.

Tony Muncy~Intern Woodland (Wa. )Fire Dept.

New Gear~You Know How It Would Feel

New Gear~You Know How It Would Feel

Because  I am proud of him, I have to share Tony’s accomplishments beyond fly fishing. It has been a rough week with the loss of a very close friend. So, Tony’s accomplishment is a breath of fresh air at a most difficult time. Tony has been accepted as an Intern Fire Fighter at the Woodland Fire Department. He has been studying at the excellent Portland Community College Fire Science program in an attempt to gain his Associate Degree in Fire Science and to receive his EMT certification. He is almost done. Now, an Internship at an excellent department with great training is a positive step. Tony relates everyone in the agency are highly professional and a pleasure to work with. He feels extremely fortunate to work with these fire fighters. Good Luck to Tony.       

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