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In the Blink of an Eye………….

It was a beautiful afternoon…a family event celebrating a nephew’s high school graduation. Everyone was happy, relaxed. I, of course, wandered around my sister-in-law’s yard taking a few snaps of her lovely flowers. All was right with the moment, the day and given recent events it helped take the edge off  our recent loss.

Mollys Garden-gardening-photography-SwittersB

It was time to leave and my wife and I loaded up and left. A very short distance away, I saw a van hurtling toward us head on at high speed. I veered right and the van kept intersecting toward us. I swerved right further, now knowing we were headed off the roadway. I anticipated impact on my side. We went slightly airborne, I hit bottom and looked in my mirror as I saw the van take out a large tree and then roll. 


The van was the black arrow; my path is with yellow arrows.

I swerved around and jetted back toward the van. The driver was pinned in, bleeding from multiple head/face wounds. In a daze, he struggled to extricate himself from the van because he had 4 small children strapped into the rear of the van. Miracle of miracles, despite many cuts, the little ones were gently removed from the van as smoke poured from beneath the van. 

first aid-first responder-accident-mva-life-SwittersB

At first, I did the normal first responder drill of immobilization and used available fabrics to stem the bleeding and keep the father still. The gentle talking and reassuring that his children were alright helped him slow down until a fireman could sit behind the driver to immobilize the CSpine while I kept the pressure on the cuts.

The firemen handled the smoke, the battery, gas, the jaws of life extrication and then relieved me. The driver was thankful. We called family to come to the scene. 

van post ext swittersb
The intersecting of life’s events, of destiny one moment to the next. The last week only reaffirms what we all know at varying times in our lives: never take anyone, anything for granted. Not your loved ones, not your health and safety, not your future. I do hope the driver will be alright. We are thankful the children appeared alright but I can only imagine the recollections the older ones will have of that topsy turvy ride. They were all transported to the hospital.

accident SwittersB

As always thank you to the citizens that stopped to render aid; to the policemen, firemen and EMT’s who were stellar with the children, the driver, the driver’s family, the witnesses. In the blink of an eye it was almost different.


Limp Cobra on Eye/Hand Protection from the Hook

This will be a bit graphic and make you definitely blink a time or two: Limp Cobra on Eye Protection. Flatten the barb on a hook, be it a fly, spinner, bait, jig. Always wear eye protection while fishing, even in the Winter if you can. Have pliers/forceps handy. If the most terrible happens in yours or someone else’s eye have a plan and stay calm and practice psychological first aid. Think of shock. Panic. 


Image via Field & Stream 2011

I have remarked about this before. Where ever you are in the wilds; what is the plan for an emergency response. If nothing more momentarily think: I have the emergency numbers…I know where I am…I have phone service or no phone service…do I have an idea where/when I will have service and stage there for a response…how far is the nearest hospital in a town or area you may not be overly familiar with on an outing??? Just a few questions to run through the mind before and after you traipse off care free to the water’s edge.

Even at a minimum those flattened barbs or barbless hooks will back out of fabrics/materials so much easier…whether yours or the person standing too close to you.


Preparedness: First Aid to Others…..?

Many years ago, I went through a First Responder training piece over several months and was mentally prepared to render aid in an emergency situation until more advanced care arrived. 

Years have passed and I am no longer in the arena that required such care….or am I?

The other day I couldn’t even find a band-aid in the house let alone any other supplies. I no longer carry that certain bag that had everything needed for a First Responder in my rig on a daily basis. Yes, I have it for outings and camping trips but not with me, in town, if I needed it. It is easy to rationalize the probable…EMT’s and Firemen are  minutes away. But in many areas they are not 5 minutes away, they are much farther away.


Point of all this is my yearly reminder to be prepared. Carry the survival gear on outings. And, renew your knowledge with current CPR practices…yes, it has changed every few years so if you haven’t had a class in five years it has changed since then. As I listen to a fire rig siren through the open window, in the distance, I think I should not just carry the gear but refresh myself with the basics again re wounds, shock, CPR, defibs etc. How about you? 


Heart Rescue Now….Quick Refresher Quiz…Do It!



Brown Recluse Spiders’ Omaha Invasions

Brown Recluse Spiders Run Amok: Well at least a seeming invasion of one man’s apartment in Omaha, Nebraska. Several dozen (40 but who’s counting) were counted in the man’s abode.

“It’s mainly just learning to cope with them,” he said. “Pushing your bed away from the wall, pulling out your bed skirt, making sure nothing is touching the walls, shaking off your clothes before you put them on, after you get out of the shower, shake out your towel, knock out your shoes at night. It’s just kind of learning to not get bit.” (more)

A little County health/pest inspecting might determine the extent of the infestation of the Brown Recluse Spiders in the complex or was it somehow unique to the man’s apartment for some reason. Post Bite

The Brown Recluse Spider

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