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Meaningful connections…..

beauty brought to hand

momentary, fixation soothes

slides down from wet hands

rainbow trout-Oregon-release-indian shirt-SwittersB-Bucky

Oregon Rainbow Trout Caught & Released


Leapy the Frog visits

nimble little frog

inquisitive as I fish

‘better them than I’



It’s time to…

fiddle with the gear, review checklists, anticipate the start of the season….the trout season in the Northern latitudes. Time to replace leaders…finally patch that small leak in the foot of your waders…assess your fly boxes…study up on where you plan on fishing. As the daffodils push upward (at least in some areas), the mind seeks nature, seeks exercise, seeks the magic of rivers and lakes. Pull out that tattered checklist (or finally create a meaningful one) and fiddle & fuss over the gear…all part of the fun.

rainbow trout-fish-release-Oregon-SwittersB-fly fishing

Trout caught/released in Oregon.


Spey Rod: Taking a switch down to the river……

The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show was this past week and it was very well attended. As my wife and I strolled along checking out the hundreds of vendors we came upon a very pleasant experience. Joel Stephens and Richard Templeton of JS Rods and Moriston Rods out of Medford, Oregon were offering up a show special on a Switch spey rod, reel and lines that could not be passed up. The rod, called their Convert, is a beautifully crafted 11′ 6″ gem available in either a 5 wt. or 7 wt. married to a dandy little Tyne Trinity reel. Of course, being a pushover for a moss green rod color, I was smitten upon first sight. 

Joel Stephens & Richard Templeton (Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show, Portland, OR 2015)

Joel Stephens & Richard Templeton (Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show, Portland, OR 2015)

The Stephens & Templeton story is classic for NW fly fishing entrepreneurs: bright young men (and women) deviating away from early career paths, but still keeping that vitality and vision while venturing into the development of spey rods, reels and other projects for the future. Given the talent gene pool in the Pacific NW for such fly fishing creativity, Stephens and Templeton will fit right in. 

JS Rod Convert Switch-Oregon-SwittersB-spey

Here is an informative link to JS Rods blog. Both Joel and Richard were well presented and informative even after four long days of trade show. Check out their site and note the amazing offers. I am eager to get down to the river once the levels drop and try out my Convert Switch rod and Tyne Trinity Reel.

spey reel, Tyne Trinity, SwittersB

Tyne Trinity Reel (Moriston Rods/JS Rods)



Pink Panther Steelhead Pattern

Pink Panther-JHagan-fly pattern-SwittersB-photography

A Jack Hagan (NW Fly Fishing Outfitters~Portland) pattern


the flow of life…

low water, heavy rains, melting snow, rising waters, rapids, boulders, flooding, fast currents, smooth waters, dropping levels, ups and downs, burbling, roaring, dancing, pounding, lapping, grinding, the flow of rivers and life

slow flow-river-Oregon

The peaceful Fall pace of the river. Then, one wanted more water, more cover for the fish.

river-rapids-low sun-Oregon-SwittersB
rapids-river-off color-SwittersB-Oregon~

I ventured down to the Oregon Coast to fly fish a coastal river for Winter Steelhead. The river had come up the day before several feet and was expected to drop and clear. The prevailing theory of optimism is the high water entices the sea run trout to push up river and then hold in a stretch as the water drops. The water did drop ever so slightly and the color never made it too that ideal ‘steelhead green’. The off-color, brownish, tea color and the heavy currents made for difficult presentations. The pockets and slots had disappeared on most of the river. 

river-surface-busy water-Oregon-SwittersB

One spot beckoned as the river widened out and the surface turmoil was reduced to a chattering, busy swirl of surface disturbances. Picture the water flowing away from you but at the same time there is a horizontal back and forth of movement across the top…

Many casts and mends waiting for the tug, the pause in the line, some sign of a silver rocket on the other end. Not this time. All beautiful and soothing to the mind. Like a soothing mental bath that eases the mind, but does not dampen the senses.


Spotted Beauty…

“A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it.”
Arnold Gingrich

Ah, but that’s why I share the images and beauty for the non-seekers…so they know. Arnold probably was not caught up in fiddling with a camera, but rather simply gazed down and took it all in, later writing about it.

Trout, Central Oregon, Tail, Net, SwittersB

Rainbow Trout caught~released in Oregon

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