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Outdoor Safety: Rattle Snake in Tree

Saw this on FB from the superb Texas Hill Country (great photography and more) and was reminded of one time on the Deschutes River when a friend pointed out a rattler in a tree near the water’s edge. I was oblivious that time, but some thirty years later I never fail to look upward too.

Brian A. Burgoyne sent this in a while back, “this rattlesnake was hanging out in the tree right by the squirrel feeder…South Austin right on the Manchaca border…suburbs!” (Texas Hill Country/FB)

Bears and rattle snakes seem to like bird and squirrel feeders. Different food sources no doubt. So, some consider it more rare for a rattle snake to be in a tree, they (the various species) have a history of doing so.


Photography: Quick Snap of My Little Green Friend

While working at the Hoarding House today, I was encountering somewhat sleepy pests and critters. Two Yellow Jackets ended up on my neck, falling from a Birch tree as I moved beneath the leaves, brushing by enough to dislodge them. Luckily, I didn’t get nailed.

Sitting on my shoulder, having walked down from my neck. After the yellow jackets, I am glad I didn’t freak out and do damage brushing the little guy off.

But another friend, a little green friend somehow ended up on my neck and shoulder and stayed long enough to pose before fluttering off. I am not sure what the little guy is, but a brilliant green body, wings, red eyes and red bands on the legs caught my eye.

Final pose before taking flight into the vegetation nearby.

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