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Fly Tying: Fair Skinned, Red Head (Wet Fly)

It is a tradition, for some patterns, particularly in non-classic wet flies, to use red thread for the pattern regardless of other components. It is, of course, totally unnecessary. The above pattern could have been tied with tan, brown, black, grey or ? thread. Now, here is another option I have used (not in awhile) and seen others use, particularly if they are not given to using bead heads: they use red thread to designate weighted flies. The above fly could have lead wire wraps beneath the upper abdomen and thorax dubbing. It is concealed and short of jiggling the pattern in your palm, a good identifier would be use red or a similar color to identify your weighted patterns. Even a bead head can pack additional weight in behind the bead and beneath the body material.


Borger Knot (Nailess Nail Knot)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Gary Borger's Nailless Nail Knot



Fly Tying: Poly Body/Wing (TMC Aero Dry Wing)


Aero Dry Wing by TMC

Aero Dry Wing Material @ Blue Dun Flies

I came across Blue Dun Flies via Simon Graham. This mayfly pattern is interesting. I am not sure if the proposed material: Aero Dry Wing, a poly yarn material, is readily available or any different than other poly yarn materials. The comments here and there re the material state it is hollow and straight making it appealing for flotation and handling.


Dave Wiltshire at the Fly Forums (UK) offers a source for this ‘expensive’ material at Flytek (UK). Perhaps a visitor can comment re this material’s qualities and availabilities? I believe Hareline & Wapsi may also provide this material.


Dog Biscuit Emerger Patterns: Carp on a ‘Fly’

Fly Fishing for Carp. I know, I know. Chumming with dog biscuits. All those fishless visits to the nearby slough. I never brought my Purina along. Other fly patterns. Calm down. I am simply sharing the many worlds of fly fishing and “fly fishing”. I wonder if Smelly Jelly makes a ‘dog biscuit’ gel scent?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dog Biscuit "Fly Pattern" The Fly Factory (UK)


Fly Tying: Spinning Deer Hair (Muddler Minnow/Streamers)

One of the best trout and bass flies around. Everyone should have this fly in their box. Spinning the deer hair head forms that blunt head that displaces water and attracts attention.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Spun Deer Hair and Muddler Minnow Variation (SwittersB)


Fly Tying: Spey Fly Hackles Prep

Here is a simple way to make Spey hackles for fishing flies.

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Fly Fishing the Classic Wets

There is an elegance to the Classic Wet Fly that speaks of old traditions and dependability. They appear a bit flamboyant, yet obviously, by their longevity worthy. For many in Ireland and near, I read, that the flies are fished in a brace/team of three flies. I have never warmed to tossing or pulling more than 2 flies. Perhaps the fear of tangles and the subsequent re-rigging. Does such a practice remain from tradition and/or successes? Probably a very nice way of increasing one’s odds of identifying the best producer in short order. Retrieving multiple patterns through the surface of a lake/loch/lough would be productive. Throwing a nice open loop would also help keep the flies in line. Notice the traditional, classic wet had a wing, where often today, the flymph/no wing wet is popular. The classics seem quite functional to me. Experiment.


Galway Trout Selection (Dragon Flies) @ Freeney's Sports (SwittersB)


Mark Libertone on Wets and Rigging the leader


Fly Tying: Miracle Midge (Subtle Change)

Midge Man (Midge Man’s Fly Box) makes an interesting point about the Miracle Midge’s subtle changes that occur when the correct materials are used for the fly. Once in the water, the fly will appear translucent with the underlying thread wraps providing a subtle color cast beneath the white floss. This could be an interesting experiment…but, as Midge Man indicates, don’t go to far afield or you get away from the productive original. Truly small midges don’t require a lot of working parts. Don’t over think the simplicity that produces fish. It is a common trait of fly tiers to tinker out of a creative bent. But, remember what you are trying to match.

Miracle Midge at Midge Man's Fly Box (SB)


Steelhead Jig Fly Tying ~ Jay Nicholas

Steelhead Jig Fly Tying Video

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Fly Tying: Exciter Fly Patterns (goofball alert)

Back in the late 70’s or early 80’s, I came by a book called Exciter Fishing: A New Way to Catch Trout, Salmon and Char by Fred Olson (Winchester Press, 1978). The gist of the book was that migratory fish were not feeding, but rather responding to stimuli that excited the striking responses of the fish. One of the assertions was that certain colors or combinations of colors were ‘exciters’ to fish, therefore you might as well combine those colors into one ‘exciter’ palette and see what shook. OMG!

So, this is akin to self flagellation, but here are a couple such patterns, tied long ago. Part of yesterday’s rescue effort, the wings are a little worse for wear from moths, but you get the goofy intent and craziness of it all. To a much lesser degree today, steelhead patterns are combinations of colors and movement to excite the striking response…but, at the time, and even now, these were outlandish patterns.

"Exciter Fly" By the Colors (SwittersB)

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