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the lakes beckon…

A stillwater (lake) fly box filled & temporarily organized ūüėĄ with mostly subsurface fly patterns. Of course, I have quite a few more fly boxes filled with surface patterns, emerger patterns etc. etc. Good luck and tight lines to all of you that wet a line now and then.

fly fishing-stillwater-fly box-SwittersB


SwittersB’s Fly: Never Been Kissed………

Old Fly Box SB

I have this old, plastic fly box. Pliable plastic, of a sort, it smells of petroleum and the faint scent of mothballs, which protected materials from ever present moths decades ago. This fly box has been stored away in the garage, in a drawer. Every year, I open it and gaze at the contents. I never remove the contents of this box because, frankly, they are terribly tied flies.

These were my original flies, tied early on after a class. I am talking 30+ years ago. And, in this box is a fly, which heretofore, I have never shared with anyone. SwittersB’s Very First Tied Fly.

First Fly SwittersBI remember tying the fly in my beginning fly tying class. Not a Bi-Visible or Spider. It was, I s’pose, an effort to teach one how to palmer hackle or wrap hackle. Tied on a too heavy ¬†Mustad hook, the fly doubtless would not have floated, let alone danced upon the surface for long.

The fly has never exited the fly box, until now, let alone been tethered to a tippet. Much like an entrepreneur’s first earned dollar bill framed up on the wall and unspent, my First Fly will not be kissed by a fish. I bet your first fly looks, or would look, better than the mess above.


Photography: Seduction

lake patterns sb

To Each Their Own……….


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe (Fly Selection)

I enjoy the wide array of options to choose from when fishing. Yes, once in awhile, the choice can be obvious by what you see taking place on the water’s surface. But, I actually enjoy searching too. Nothing apparent, so select various patterns that may solve the puzzle. Fly selection based on more than chuck and chance…based on knowledge of insects, habitat, structure, presentation to mimic movements…this is enjoyable. All that Winter fly tying is for these moments. Putting the what if’s and why’s together for success…hopefully. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe……..


Photography: Random Stuff in Passing Down the Road

Photography, for me, is sometimes random snaps. Impulse driven, I see something and take a photograph. Sometimes it is a shape, a color, a pleasing line, a jagged edge. Maybe it includes a person, but usually doesn’t. So, like that point in a move when only a little this and that is left on the floor and you throw it all into box and load it up….here are a few shots for no coordinated reason:

A lightning strike? It may have been. The charred bush seemed to be the epicenter. But, then I walked up and saw thicker limbs off of near by trees, the sawed ends giving away their origin. A fire to stay warm that got out of control? Too bad given the fire pits in camps nearby. The fire could have been worse. Excuse the bold lettering.

My dependable Ross Reel (the old Cimarron). There are many dependable reels available world wide. I have had great luck with the Ross Reels. I have stayed mid-range in pricing for most, but have purchased starter reels for others at a reasonable, inexpensive price.

An empty canal extending out of Haystack Reservoir in Central Oregon. It is part of a greater irrigation canal system that originates from larger lakes off the Hwy. 97 corridor. I liked the stark contrast of an empty canal just beside a large dam holding back lots of water.

A Lake Box. Not 'The" Lake Box. There are too many fly boxes loaded into the boat's pouches for there to be but one. This box makes a pretense of orderliness, but it doesn't last. This particular box does not hold Mayfly, Caddis, Streamers or Scud patterns. Those, of course, are nearby in other boxes.

The Man standing on my rig's canopy. A silly little toy I found at my Aunt's hoarding home (see Hoarding Woes & You if you want to know why I have not been getting to fish much the last three years). I pose this little guy in various shots as a good luck charm. I also figure I can use his pose to highlight how big the one that got away was....someday.

The simple beauty of a rock with some green grass. In this instance, the rock was next to others put there by man, imposing 'natural' barriers to off road travel down to the lake. Partly this is great to avoid erosion and destruction. But, it keeps RV like rigs and vehicles in the full high desert sun. I don't have AC in my ancient tent trailer, so as much as I would like to camp near such a spot, the thought of hours spent waiting for the trailer to cool off, even with windows open and winds blowing, is off putting. And, I'm not going back to tent camping....thank you very much! So, the rocks win. That's ok.

I said they were random. Oddball impulses. I drove by others that I wish I would have stopped for: an old barn…a stockyard in Madras full of cattle…an abandoned restaurant sign for Charlie’s Chinese…Pizza and Mexican food or some such combo…a farm yard surrounding an old home, single wide trailer and a dozen broken down trucks, goats and some washers and dryers (not sure why, just such a cluster f#%k of crap)…roadside crosses for the violently departed via MVA’s (there were some touching ones). Ok, that’s enough for now.


Fly Fishing & The Patience Factor

Yesterday, I was lamenting the fact that it did not appear there was one significant keepsake of my departed Uncle’s left in his wife’s hoarding home. No rods, no reels, no flies, no nothing. But, today, digging a little deeper into the core foundation of the room that was his safe haven, an early prototype of the ‘man cave’, there were two discoveries that gave some glimmer of his involvement with fly fishing and perhaps fly tying.¬†

Could this be a tying station from the 1950's & 60's? A magnifying glass and a rigged up light fixture were attached to a block of wood. There was no vise, but the block of wood did not appear to be a craft station for some other more aggressive craft endeavor. Hard to say for sure, but one can wonder if he tucked himself away in this back room and applied fur and feathers to a hook.

And, as if to add credence to that being a tying station on the shelf above the spot was a single fly box. No flies, no hooks, nothing inside the box, but there it was.

The Old Fly Box. Void of flies, but still a special tin box that will act as a special keepsake.

So, the day was not without some interesting discoveries in that old, hoarding home. A little patience paid off in this instance. Reconfirming the need for patience in fly fishing and life in general is always a good thing.


Fotografiando Moscas (photographing flies…how to)


I took this shot last year when Tim Barker at suggested taking a photo in direct sunlight. I consider the above shot one of the most enjoyable results I have created. I took this shot with the fly box setting upon a mailing envelope. The box and envelope were setting on a side bar of my BBQer. The results were perfect. 


Fly Box: Signs of my true organizing skills

This is so indicative of my organizational skills. I organize the various flies, usually according to each type of bug: midges, damsels, dragons or wooly buggers etc and everything becomes a mishmash of choas by the end of a trip or season.

I think this happens because I carry ten fly boxes to my pontoon boat and put them in the side cargo pouch. I open the woolly bugger box and start with that. Well, impatiently I reach for the nymph box and select the nymph remove the woolly bugger and instead of putting it back in the bugger box it is ‘temporarily’ stuck in the nymph box and on it goes into organizational chaos….like my desktop at work….I know¬†I must drive the anal types crazy when they walk by the open door and gaze upon the paper sprawl.

Such is the case should I show my flybox to someone in mid-puzzle solving mode on a lake or streamside…I have always¬†been this way…I carry all that gear despite the obvious solution of stockiing one or two boxes from the many and at the end of the day replenishing the two boxes. Nope, just not in me….I have to have allllllll those boxes. I like it. I just am what I am.

On¬† recent trip to a far off South¬†Pacific destination, I could only carry two fly boxes on me….oh the angst of making sure I had all I needed. I am sure my guide had never seen so many flies crammed into two boxes (actually, I am sure he probably has…”oh, another obsessive and overly prepared…ur is it disorganized”¬†fly fisher)?

Pick one or two boxes and back fill at lunch, or after the evening hatch by lantern light or after the trip or end of the season.        

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