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The season cometh…

By now, I have usually reminded my fellow fly fishers/fly tiers that it is time to inventory the fly boxes and gear in anticipation of the coming Trout season. If you fish during the Fall/Winter, as I sometimes do, your gear can be much divided mess of Steelhead, Salmon and Trout equipment/tools etc. I usually have to cull out the essentials for Trout fishing and then take an inventory of all my fly boxes to see what needs to be tied (assuming you tie your own) or purchased. That will also necessitate an inventory of your fly tying materials that you may have packed away last Summer/Fall.  Find that old checklist and get started. If you don’t, you will be scrambling when that invite comes.

Trout Collage-Fly Fishing-Oregon-SwittersB

All Trout Caught/Released


Beauty & The Beast

beauty rainbow trout-photography-fish-fly fishing-SwittersB

Bass-game fish-photography-SwittersB-fishing-bass-outdoors

Oh the debate over worthiness, status and even looks. I will take the Trout over the lowly Bass any time. Yet even now I am plotting the seduction of some devilish, behemoth Bass this coming week…along with some beautiful, behemoth Trout. Just kidding Bass lovers…kind of 

Bass Fly Box

Bass Fly Box

fly box-trout-lake box-fly fishing-SwittersB-photography-Oregon

A fly box for Trout/Lakes


Fishing: Early Season Anxiety & Hoarding

The temps are creeping upward. The mornings are a bit warmer if not drier here. All the tying, organizing fly boxes, staring at the gear, double checking the layers of clothing etc, etc leads to that burgeoning need to pack the gear in the rig, load up the ‘toon and head somewhere…anywhere to wet a line.

Rig w Toon SBTruth be told, I haven’t tied a lot this Winter. I tied a lot last year and seem well stocked on the basics. I have a few patterns that I will be tying this month (a chunk of a baitfish pattern for some large mouth bass & some mini-leech patterns…just  because). Like years past, I may well have that on the water revelation…”I didn’t tie any (pick the pattern here).” I have a faint recollection of wanting to tie up sculpin patterns for the rivers. That didn’t get done this past Winter. Such is life lately. 

Lake Box SBxAs some of you may know, my life…my family’s life, has been consumed with the cleanup of two massive hoarding homes and hospice care for two the past several years. The cleanup of a hoarding home makes one consider one’s own habits of acquiring and retaining this and that.

Such is the case with gear…especially fly boxes. My mind seems to flit from hyper readiness and over planning and always settles upon the ‘I might need it someday’. The exact mantra of a OCD Hoarder is it not? Hmmm? Well, I am not likely to remove, for long, many of the dozen or more fly boxes I pack into my pontoon’s cargo bags. For some reason, I can confine myself to a couple boxes on a river (odd as rivers, for me, seem to be a bigger puzzle than a lake). 

Blushing Bow 2 SBAs in life, things evolve and change. I struggle for simplicity but I am realizing this endeavor (fly fishing and tying) personifies my good tendencies and my not so good tendencies. It is often a joke in the family on how many fly rods I have…I mean I have outfitted the entire extended family in the event they might fish someday!

The reflection I see in the mirror is someone that must do a little self-assessment on just when is enough, enough. I will get to that someday (procrastination is another trait of the hoarder).


Fly Tying: Working the Kinks Out

I tied very little during the Summer. Most of my tying last year was in the Winter and trailed off into Spring as I assessed my fly boxes as pretty much complete. This past Spring/Summer really didn’t deplete my boxes that much. 

I have a partial tying ‘to do’ list in mind to include: some larger baitfish patterns for some Bass that need a comeuppance; Damsel dries (the few I had took a beating and provided some of the most fun dry fly fishing I have had in years); smaller-micro style Leech patterns in assorted colors; some basic Steelhead patterns probably with stinger hooks. I tied so much last time that I am stocked.

So, today I did what isn’t always productive for me…I just randomly tied and created and really did it to keep my rusty hand into tying. It showed I was rusty and disorganized. But, I always am when I lay off for several months. Now more disconcerting than my fumbling fingers is my fumbling eyesight and focusing the camera anymore. The slight blur is annoying. That will definitely be something to maybe improve upon this Winter…my macro work.

Chaos Caddis, Size 16 (That’s a creative way of saying it was over dubbed and messy.


Season’s End?: Recap the Forgottens

With the best of intentions last Winter, I tied up these Quill bodied, Parachute Emergers (about a dozen) and then put them in a little tin box and set them aside. Today, while sorting through my fly boxes, I found the little tin box beneath some bags of fly tying materials. 

Now fishing has been scarce of late. But, what was my plan for this little gem? Did I just tie to practice using quills or contending with that parachute post and wound hackle? I usually tie more for a purpose and less to perfect techniques. If I was to again teach fly tying, I would be perfecting some techniques that I have let languish. 

So, on closer inspection of this little gem…I really had no plan for it. I just tied up some and promptly tucked them away into lonely fly pattern oblivion.

A strategy, a plan, an awareness of why you tie certain patterns and when they would be of use helps one grow as a fly fisher chasing trout or whatever species. As Summer draws to an end, I will do some lake fishing, chase some Silvers, Late Summer Steelhead, trout feeding on eggs below Chinook redds and I seriously doubt the little gem above will be used for any trout fishing until next year. So now might be a good time to research what I had in mind for this fly back last Winter when I tied them. Then I should put them in fly boxes that make them visible and viable. Better planning and management of fly boxes. What can be so hard managing a gazillion flies?


Fly Fishing: Hoarding Boxes, But There is a Favorite.

A grouping of flies from a small box I carry in the shirt pocket. The box is not a fly box, but from an old camera battery box that I glued some foam into.

The box has taken a beating over the years. I have little Scientific Anglers fly boxes that will probably take the place of this cracking, fractured box. But, for whatever reason I have stayed with this makeshift box. Now if you have come by here before you know I have a problem with accumulating fly boxes. I have so many tied flies just sitting in containers, clumped together in randomness. They deserve a place in a box(es). Yet, I have dozens upon dozens of filled boxes. I tie and tie for fun and experimentation. The flies just keep accumulating. A few of these and those and before you know it there are thousands of flies. Of course, many are not very good. I mean even an old ‘impressionistic’ tier like myself can’t rationalize their worth. 

The steadfast little gem is showing signs of aging and the problems from when it goes into a back pocket instead of a shirt pocket.


Fly Tying: Spring’s Eternal Fiddling

All the fiddling and sorting of fly boxes. Regrouping and culling out the uglies. Pretty little rows of possibilities. How many fly boxes must a grown fly fisher have? If there such a thing as hoarding of fly boxes? I suspect there is for fly tying materials.

I have little left to tie. Some more wets, some little patterns with tufts of CDC, some Ants, some Damsels. I think I have tied about all I really need for the coming seasons. But, I have been feeling pretty energized tying of late and it has relieved a bit of the pent up life forces that have accumulated. So, I may continue to experiment and dabble for no charted purpose beyond the pleasure of creating and imagining the presentation and take. 


Fly Fishing’s Hope & Change


Some ideas by Paul Schullery 

My choice of a few from the many. I just love tying. (SwittersB)


Fly Boxes, Fly Boxes (Semper Paratus…But, for everything?)

I was raised with Semper Paratus, not as an expressed term, but as a mindset. I had a career that demanded it. And, now I appear to either abide by it, for my hobby or I am a hoarder. It seems so simple, to just pick a container (or two) and put all your fly boxes in there for a pending camping trip.

Seems Simple Enough, At First

Seems Simple Enough, At First

But, just to be safe, I had to make sure I had what I needed. Well, one thing led to another and it became evident I had no idea how many flies I had tied. To be honest I stopped pulling all the boxes out of the green container. How many flies do I need? Well, all these are fine, but frankly I had forgotten what I had tied and stashed away in those boxes. I pretty much only take 4-6 boxes with me in the pontoon boat and maybe two streamside, but an inventory is periodically in order. I made some great discoveries today!!


Nope, I can't hear you!

I bet many of you could beat that couldn’t you? Rehab does offer hope of a simpler approach, an easing of decisions to be made….but, when the craving, the impulse comes, to answer the what if’s and maybe’s…well, a slippery slope ensues in preparation. Yep, Semper Paratus

Sometimes My Primary Box...

Sometimes My Primary Box...

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