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Fly Fishing Tattoo: BumTatter?

Fly Tattoo @ CoolDany



Fly Tying: LaFontaine’s Buzzball

How to tie LaFontaine’s Buzzball with Mark Raisler. Brought to you by Headhunters Fly Shop.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Saw this at FlyFishChick and for the beginning fly tier it might seem too simple to be effective. The longer you tie and fish busy waters the more you realize that perfect creations are often unnecessary. The artistic or exacting personal needs of tier’s is understandable for the tier who wants to produce perfect specimens that literally match the hatch. This may be necessary to catch the discriminating, sipping trout. However, look at this simple pattern, LaFontaine’s Buzzball, and think of the options of different colored feathers and sizes and give it a try. Looks like an oversized Griffith’s Gnat from the side but remember the hackle is trimmed top and bottom. Let some of those errant hackle fibers front and rear be.  Some tiers just cannot relax enough to tie and fish too simplistic of a pattern….they don’t like San Juan Worms, Stick Fly’s or Woolly Worms either.

La Fontaine's Buzzball (


‘Busy Water’…any water containing non-snobbish, uptight fish, which is most. Swirls, riffles, wind chop, rolling waves, busy. I made it up…ok?


Ladies Fishing (Fly Fishing Experienced in N.E. England)

“Ladies fishing are a group of ladies who enjoy fishing. We’re not a club so we don’t charge a membership,  we arrange trips and divide the cost between the number of women on the trip and there’s no commitment to regularly attend. We normally have between 6 to 12 women per trip, keeping the numbers down ensures that everyone gets the chance to have individual one to one tuition (if required),  we have equipment for women to use free of charge. The opportunity to develop fishing friendships with other females, we understand that women juggle busy lives and have many commitments.” LadiesFishingBlog

Room for More Ladies? I'm Quite Sure (Ladies Fishing, N.E. UK)

Seems such a natural way for women to gather as mentors or just friends and to share the fishing experiences and camaraderie. How many more women would enjoy such an experience? Several I’ve met. And, less the baggage of a ‘club’ and all the organizing and structure, etc. Just a natural flow of positive support amongst friends. Thanks to Anne for reaching out to SwittersB.  I like the hats!


A Woman & Fly Fishing (Seeking a Sanctuary While Waving The Magic Wand)

Tree of Life (Bryant Art)

Your article about women and fly fishing led me to tell you my fly fishing story.  Fly fishing was never an interest to me until this year.  Sure, I have some amazing memories of fishing with my father when I was a child on the McKenzie River at Doris Landing, with our Spinning Rods and Salmon eggs and a packed lunch. I would see the men floating down the river in big boats, laughing, yelling, smoking cigars, waving their rods in and out of the water as I sat on the big rock waiting for a bite.  Always wondering in my mind, what kind of fish are they trying to catch?

Until about seven months ago, when I met a wonderful young man, who began telling me about the sport of fly fishing. At first I only listened because I was very interested in him, but as he began describing stories of his past trips, childhood memories and the enthusiasm he had even for tying the flies, my ears perked up.  It was as if I couldn’t get enough information fast enough.  I wanted to learn. I wanted that excitement, that happiness.  I wanted my eyes to sparkle as his were, just telling me his stories.

See this last year and a half I have been severely depressed, honestly not knowing how I would get out of my funk. A long marriage that went bust, and some other major issues had put me in a hole.

Listening to the stories and the beauty of the sport via pictures, books and blogs, I decided to take a fly fishing class at our local fly shop.  The first class I took was in August and it had to be 100 degrees out, and we all sat inside with no A/C, talking about the terminology of fly fishing.  Now, I will admit the gentleman that taught the class was very easy on the eyes and the way he cast the line made him and the sport ever more attractive. So after six classes out on the ponds and next to the shop, I decided to rent a rod from the shop and hit the river.  I had no idea even where to go, so I decided to head up Hwy. 58.  I packed my rented rod, some newly purchased flies, my puppy and some drinks.

I found a likely spot, parked and started walking a ways.  I strung the rod and started wading into the river.  It was refreshing, as it was a very hot day.  I was amazed just being surrounded with the beauty of the mountains, the water, the trees, the birds, the soft breeze and a few white clouds drifting by. I felt so happy to be out there even though I lost mucho flies in the bushes and in the river.  I definitely needed to practice tying my fly on the tippet.  I was at peace for the first time in a very long time- I could have stayed out there all day and night, but obligations of children brought me home. But the desire to go again and again was born.

The most memorable day, thus far, I have had fly fishing, was when I went fly fishing with the young man who introduced the sport to me.  We left early in the day and headed toward the mountains.  I took him to the place the fly shop and another friend had recommended to me.  I caught three fish nymphing with a strike indicator. He tutored me on when to strike as he watched the strike indicator bobbing along the current seam. Well, let’s say it was a joint effort. I had a blast. Not only to be out on the beautiful water, learning, but to be in such good company-such a good friend.   I feel very lucky and blessed that we crossed paths-not only because of a friendship that grew, but also being introduced to something I had no clue about and probably would never have discovered without him.I have since continued to reasearch and fish although not as much as I would like to since Winter has come.  I have had amazing friends give me lots of fishing gear and support this last year. I have my own gear now including my very own rod and reel. I have joined two local fly fishing groups and am still looking for a buddy to fish with.

I probably wont ever get to go fishing with my fine attractive friend as he has moved away and I don’t have a picture, which is too bad for the ladies, but his face, body and energy will always be engraved in my mind and heart. I don’t have any pictures of myself (not a HOT young nymph)  holding any big trout or salmon but I sure am hooked!

So keep looking ladies our fishing angel is our there in one form or another-handsome or not.



(Reading the narrative leaves little doubt (if I may generalize…well, of course I can…its my blog)…that women often bring a different perspective to the sport or any endeavor for that matter. It is more than the recent fishing ad re ‘women speak 21,000 words a day and men 7,000 words a day. No, women will stop to look at the butterfly. I for one hope FFG continues with her new found passion in FFing. One universal truth: Women and Men crave The Moment)


Turning a New Rock…..

For Sarah et al…..       (Matt McCrary~Oregon Guide)

The New Me…..Promoting All Women Fly Fishers

Yes, I have taken to heart Sarah’s admonition that was two fold….I am promoting sexism and that I don’t highlight the manly man for the women readers. Well, I am turning over a new rock. From now on, I will keep an eye out for those over testosterone laden men and for women that are ‘real’….  Hmm…  I can’t promise I can carry this off.


First Love’s Are Hard to Get Over (The Outdooress Explains)

Rebecca The Outdooress, With a Beautiful TroutRebecca, the Outdooress, with a Beautiful Trout!!!

“For almost two years now I’ve felt like a fly rod widow. At first I thought I’d never be able to see another fly rod without thinking only of Red, but as time eased the pain I started dating again. My first purchase was another Redington. I imagine I did that because there was comfort in the name, but I’ve used it, a lot, and it still doesn’t feel the same. My next dating came in the form of a Sage rod. It’s fine as well, does the job and all that, but it still doesn’t feel like commitment time.

Maybe I’ll never commit to another fly rod again the way I did with Red. Maybe each fly fisherman only gets one true love and after that love is broken all fly rods will simply be stand ins…just fly rods. Only time will tell……….”   The Outdooress


Me too!



Catching & Releasing From Rodney Hsu

While checking FB, I noted April Vokey was a fan of Fishing With Rod. I decided to check it out and found an informative BC site from Rodney Hsu. Not all fly fishing but that is ok. Lots to learn and well presented. Any tip of the hat from April is worth a look. 

Good Bye & Thank You~Tony Muncy

Good Bye & Thank You~Tony Muncy


WFN’s Own Little Sea Kitten (Mariko Izumi) PETA…this is a ‘sea kitten’


Mariko Izumi of WFN

I pass away Saturday mornings posting and researching, before the inevitable lawn, yard, chores etc run begins, and I usually watch a few shows on WFN. Awhile back I noticed the cute, young thing doing promo’s for her show, Mariko Izumi. Cute for sure and fresh. Well, I notice a distinct upturn of promotion for Mariko of late. The tropical venues have necessitated less halter tops and shorts and more reduced fabric content. Is this a Mariko or WFN marketing decision? Fine by me. Cute tush fits in nicely with the fish porn.  


Whitney Gould @ Rogue Angels (if you need new shoes to complete the outfit…do it…guys too)

 Rogue Angel Whitney Gould posted an excellent recap of how to’s re spey fly fishing for women and really for anyone. Great advice on the heels of the Sandy River Spey Clave.
Whitney Gould~Sound Advice For All Fly Fishers

Whitney Gould~Sound Advice For All Fly Fishers

“I started thinking, How is this different from buying a pair of new shoes when I have 10 pairs already in the closet? And I came to the conclusion, It doesn’t matter. You feel you need those pair of shoes to make an outfit complete the same as needing to buy a new rod to make a fishing experience more complete.”

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