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fleeting time…

our time together was such a powerful draw…but alas so fleeting…the beauty remains in the mind


Trout caught/released


Dandy Little Trailing Flies

fly fish-plaque-sport-outodoors-photography-SwittersB~

fly fishing-fly tying-fishing-SwittersB-macro-photography~

flies-quarter-fly pattern-photography-SwittersB

The U.S. Quarter (or a 1 Shilling) gives a reference point to the size of the flies for the non-fly fisher/no fly tier.


Fly Fishing & Tying: Resilient Warriors

I have had occasion to employ young men back from multiple tours in the Middle East. The price paid by some most of these young men is humbling and thought provoking. I have become somewhat familiar with VA resources and private outreach for the soldiers as they struggle to adapt back into civilian life and the basic demands of employers and self care.

So, the outreach to the often fragile, physically/mentally impaired warriors that served is more than a little interesting in a passing sort of way. Many of us that have served, in one fashion or another, have our gnawing demons. It is often a part of fly fishing writing to pro forma ask ‘why do people fly fish?’. Honestly? Stability, comfort, peace, renewal, at one, retreat, to unwind. All those descriptors encompass but one thing. If you have been there, you understand.

So, the attached link about the use of fly fishing and fly tying to help soldiers rebuild, to offer some element of balance and hope in their lives is humbling and I hope you think inspiring.

                      Veteran Brothers & Fly Fishing  


TMuncy Artwork: Classroom Flywishing


Underwater Fish Photography by Pat Clayton

Dare I say it…without alluding to porn..the imagery of the perfect curve and colors…the imagery of seduction. I am always in awe of that shot..the quarry…the beautiful image captured as if she just stepped from the shower..unaware…(ok, I kind of went there).

“Using a full frame Digital SLR with large capacity cards allows me to take as many as ten thousand high resolution shots in one day. At this sort of pace I will get a keeper one out of every ten days. My goal is not a photo documenting something. It is to create an image that stands as a piece of fine art as well as doing the location and species justice. Marrying the perfection of a red bellied Westslope Cutthroat to the kaleidoscope glacial scree bottom of a gin clear Glacier Park creek takes all the pieces to fall into place. Only when all the stars align do these places give up that image that exists in my mind.” Fish Eye Guy


Fish Slime (the goo protects from parasites but also makes the fish swim easier)

Brown Trout~Lynn Dingler/Oregon

Brown Trout~Lynn Dingler/Oregon

Most of us seem to attach some reverential honor to the trout, grayling, salmon, pike, steelhead, bass, bonefish or many other revered species. We admire the power, the cunning, beauty or uniqueness of the fish that has come to our fly or lure, or that we wish would come to our offering. 

If we are successful in luring the hungry or aggravated fish to our creations then how do we treat it? Into our dry hand, dry net, float tube apron, stream or lakeside gravel and grit or boat’s bottom? Most of us has been told to wet our hands before grabbing or hoisting a fish. Why? Well, I had some sense about the protective slime and significant removal can provide a portal to infection. However, the is a bit more to this.

 A fish’s slime layer is full of glycoproteins secreted by cells in the fish’s skin that help protect against parasites, protect wounds from secondary infections and fungus, help retain electrolytes, and may help the fish swim faster with less water resistance. In fact, fish slime is being studied by pharmaceutical labs to create new antibiotics. Since the fish slime is so important, the fish should be handled as little as possible with a minimum of rubbing, rough or absorbent surfaces contacting the fish.”

slimeThis portion about ‘swim faster’ caught my eye. Apparently, a significant removal of slime onto a surface via net, glove, towel or some surface greatly reduces the fish’s efficiency in swimming and thereby stresses the fish and opens it to disease. All this is moot if we simply quickly kill the fish. However, we are prone to C & R. We pride ourselves in our effort to sustain the species, to revere the fish to maybe capture a pic and to return the fish with a sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction. So, well intentioned champions of our finned friends, careful with the net, apron and dry hands because we want to not only protect the fish from invasion of disease from our aggressive handling, but also the increased stress drag while swimming with reduced slime.      

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