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Fly Tying Technique: Tying in a Marabou tail (working front to rear)

Most often the fly tier attaches materials at the rear of the shank near the bend and/or over the barb of the hook. In the linked instance, the material is tied in further up the shank then pulled back toward the bend. Thread wraps are wrapped over the material while progressing toward the rear end point. Note the instructions say to lay down a thread wrap base the length of the shank and to not progress beyond that thread base when over laying the marabou with securing thread wraps. The underlying thread wraps on the shank acts like a friction mechanism in preventing the material from rolling off the top of the shank, as it might on a bare metal hook.  In fly tying classes, I have often cautioned beginners to avoid building up the fat rear end at the bend of the hook. This often occurs from attaching tail, ribbing and body material at the same tie in point; from too thick of tying thread and from too many thread wraps. The technique of attaching materials farther up the shank and wrapping back toward the bend helps space out the bulk at the rear end.   Fly Fishers Republic

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