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BloodKnot Magazine, Blogger 2 Out and…….

BloodKnot Magazine, Blogger 2 Addition 

May I promote SwittersB a bit? Inside this addition, amidst all the visually, creatively stimulating materials is a humble little piece called Lost Opportunity by SwittersB. As you receive your visual fix, maybe drop by my little way station for a nostalgia fix? Thanks!


Fly Fishing: Are Women ‘Often Better’?

 Fly fishing gives women in particular a great sense of achievement and pride. Women are often better suited to fly fishing than men because they tend to be less competitive and less goal-oriented.”

Have you noticed, of late, that this is almost the obligatory statement re women and the sport? I wonder if it is true? Oh my! Did I ask that? Well, I wonder. Most accomplished women I know are competitive and goal oriented. Apparently accomplished women don’t do well in the sport? Oh hell, I don’t know.

Just seems like a statement proffered enough that it is just accepted as a given to avoid the fall out/blow back. I will agree that the endeavor does give a sense of achievement and pride. I imagine men enjoy the same sense of enjoyment when they aren’t competing and quoting how many fish they have caught. 

What is to be gained by raising this now? I just hate the stereotypical, lock step in any cast. Perhaps the fly fishing industry, women’s clubs and causes present this to enlist women and remove the perceptions of difficulty and male dominance?

Well, the more women the better, but seriously drop the silly ass kissing. Women can indeed often hold their own in fly fishing

Also, how did Herbert get so eloquent? Obviously not a competitive, goal oriented bone is his body.

“To go fishing is the chance of washing one’s soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of the sun on blue water.”  – Herbert Hoover, devoted angler and thirty-first President of the United States. (source)


How To Write a Fly Fishing Piece

Writing the Perfect Fly Fishing Piece…Tricks of the Trade by The Classic Angler 


Hackle & Hair: Passing Fancy?

Hackles in Women’s Hair: I positively am sick of this topic, but I must add a bit to it based on anecdotal evidence of college young women I know. They (3) of them attending game day, frat and sorority events, oh yeah…classes, have observed a drastic fall off of feathers in the hair. Course that is just Dawgs, Ducks and Beavers territories.

Cree Hackle

Now if this be true, let’s hope the gluttony at Whiting ceases and the prices reduce way back down, without excuses, to the pre-hair adornment craze. What was the pre-craze kill rate per day and the craze kill rate…? Just curious. I know, why should I care?



Corvallis, Oregon Man Desperate to Start Fly Fishing?

A Corvallis, Oregon man was Hooked Up up after allegedly attempting to force entry into the Back Country Fly Shop (booted the door) and then moving from there he wandered nearby and tried to jack a delivery vehicle. He was eventually thwarted by several jolts of the Taser, courtesy CPD. Book ‘im Dano!

It is uncertain at press time whether the man intended to load up the vehicle with the fly shop loot or if he was angry with elitist fly fishers (shop owners very nice folks) and late night delivery truck drivers. No one hurt beyond the pendejo (pen-day-ho) and no loss of merchandise for the shop. Maybe Benton County Corrections has a beginner’s fly fishing program Dwayne can enroll in?  Dwayne A. Henderson


John Gierach and Tom Chandler Interview

Gierach & Chandler: I really liked reading this interview. Often you read a blog post and take away one or two enjoyable nuggets of information or inspiration…the nature of blog posts/time restraints, life!, I think. But, this interview was enjoyable on several levels, for me..  TU Gierach-Chandler    Revealing, honest, clarifying. 


Fly Tying & Fishing: Open Eye Hooks

The Gateway Hook Company unveiled their product about a year ago. I haven’t yet come across this open eyed hook in the shops I frequent. The concept is evident: no threading the eye of a hook, particularly a small hook. You or someone ties the flies on a Gateway No Tie Hook. A loop is constructed on the end of your tippet and cinched down around the open eyed hook. A blocking nub is at the end of the hook’s open wire eye to prevent the loop from sliding off. I will leave to your imagination/assessment as to what is saved or avoided with the product.  Gateway No Tie Hook Loop Knot Tutorials


Fly Tying & Fishing: Hooks

For the beginner there is a confusing array of hooks to tie flies with. Here is a Nice Hook Tutorial at Bish & FishLike most fly tiers, you will determine your own hooks that are satisfying to tie with. But, the ‘code’ on the box or bag is important to note. Bish provides some clarification for the beginning tier and offers some thoughts on that small, bothersome notch…the barb.


Fly Tying & Hair Extenstions: My $25.00 Worth, More or Less

Rooster Saddle Hackle for Extensions

My daughter recently asked to raid my hackle bins for some lengthy rooster feathers for extensions to be crimped into her hair. She helped herself to a half dozen feathers. At about 3 feathers for $25-36 crimped in, I can spare the feathers, because of my OCD (Obsessive Consumerism Disorder)

I don’t doubt this fashion craze is of consequence for some shops and the beginning fly tier, albeit short term, I believe. It the hackle sources are jacking prices to the shop, shame on them. This subject matter is actually pretty stale, but you need to maintain momentum as a beginning tier. 

So, my advice to the beginning tier, ride out the fashion craze. Tie wets, flymphs, nymphs, emergers and streamers. Tie anything that doesn’t require the premium dry fly hackle. Fish them and catch fish.


Dirty Harry & Fly Fishing’s Salvation?

Probably many within the fly fishing blogosphere have seen this post at the Unaccomplished Angler. But for you beginners, there is a call to action amidst the humor. I doubt the author is unaccomplished as an angler. He certainly is not unaccomplished with his ‘photoshop’ accomplishments…..humorous look at fly fishing’s decline in numbers of participants and what to do………..Clint?     FLY FISHING NEEDS DIRTY HARRY


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