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Fly Fishing: BailFly…Whoa Nice Work!

Check out this site's work....beautiful in deed



Fly Fishing: Posing the Fish & You

Deneki Outdoors (Photography-Hero Shot) has some real life, useful tips on setting up and taking that trophy shot. Often there is a glitch in the presentation or the taking and the opportunity is lost for others to see and for you to refresh your memory. In addition, Deneki Outdoors (The Best of Deneki) has compiled a sizable list of immensely useful information about various aspects of fly fishing and fly tying.  

The rush, the feel of the pull, 'the moment'. The fish is played and brought to hand, or net, or somewhere in between. You played it quickly, so as to not overplay and stress the fish. So, now it is thrashing about, still pivoting about on the tension of a tight leader. The photographer is attempting to get closer. The camera is being readied, the angle of sun considered. Words of encouragement are offered. The angler makes the attempt to control the fish....and it all ends in a thrashing, splashing plunge. Captured from too far away, but still a glimpse of thickness and beauty. Thank goodness there are often opportunities to repeat this fire drill, and yes, they will often end the same way. (PP/SM)


Fly Tying: A Few Hours of My Life………..

I intended to bring attention to a material I only recently discovered: Hareline’s Grizzly Krystal Flash. In this instance, I was liking the Copper and Blue. Now, I know I am not using it as most probably envisioned..incorporated into wings and tail of marauding Intruders  or a pattern named after some portion of the Deschutes R. canyon. No, I wrapped it on a small hook and the blue and copper just looked so damn awesome.

Now to capture that look. Try as I might, my settings have gotten askew and not a darn shot turns out. Further my clumsy attempts at artistic presentation have been equally frustrating. So, I’m going to give you what I got and leave it to the more gifted to use this material in better fashion. It was just a few hours of my life on a Friday night.

Above: The color cast was off and I could not alter my White Balance after several attempts. The material looked great on the little hook, but of course, up close my wraps were crap…but, not visible to the naked eye. And, of course, I misspelled Hareline. Sigh.

Below: Was a pointless effort at displaying the Grizzly Krystal Flash & Starling…..

And finally, another effort at presenting the material on a hook…….. and, well never mind….

Someone do it justice…… And, spell Hareline correctly!


Rich Schaaff Passes & The Awe Factor



I have read several posts tonight by friends of Rich Schaaff. He  just passed away. I didn’t have the privilege of meeting Rich in person. He is described as an exceptionally nice man. Sometime back, I found his blog and was struck, awe struck, by the beauty of his work. Several of the fly fishing photographers of today inspire awe. Their work, for me, is  often a glimpse of heaven’s gate on earth. Rich Schaaff’s work was truly inspiring in that light.  East Fork Fly At peace now. . . .



Fly Fishing: Fish Porn Debate (Who Do You Think You Are?)

“The bigger issue of course is that the ability to afford cameras, lenses, flashes and camera housings, has far outpaced their owner’s ability to use them creatively, and sometimes even competently. Forget that they are uneducated. Forget that they haven’t “paid any dues.” Forget all that.”  TexasFlycaster: Flyfishing Culture on the Skids

As a reflection upon how I vacillate between traditions and what…non-traditional, this fish porn business cuts both ways for me. Tattoo’d bums seemingly transported into the fly fishing world overnight, talk trash, have huge followings and aggravate the traditionalists. Way back, I took exception to the stick up their collective asses traditionalists and their arrogance. Yet, the bum mentality + new media grates because of the “paid any dues” issue. Envy on my part? Sure. But, also going in a new direction with out purposely hiking your leg would seem more tasteful. Civility is challenged. These abrupt swings create resentment.

For myself, I am what Texas Flycaster refers to as someone with more gear than brains…but, whatever. I enjoy the freedom to create and experiment. I am no commercial threat. I could be a culture threat. I do grow weary of fish held high to block a face like some frigging bandit. I know tatted up guys that look like they work at Miami Inked standing behind a fly shop counter. Yet one of the most gifted Steelhead fly fishers I know has the identical look…that keeps me in check. I hesitate, to judge. Bottom line, he does not hike his leg on traditions. He tries to bridge the gap, to teach. So, is that part of the problem? Lack of respect for the past; too much beatdown of the tweed crowd? I, of course, cannot be a hypocrite. I have highlighted tats, possess tats and occasionally insert skin into my postings. I do it without regard to a bigger cultural picture. My posting decisions  assume adults can decide to come and go elsewhere. I like their input.

Is the fly fishing culture that fractured? Is it fractured on enviro issues like habitat, water quality, fish runs? For all the varied images within the culture, the core principles of stewardship bind us. For that the uneducated and educated can be thankful.


Photography by Rich Schaaff (East Fork Fly)

East Fork Photography~Rich Schaaff



Brian O’Keefe (redux of impressions and wisdom)

I mentioned, in a recent post, that I had bumped into Brian O’Keefe and his lovely wife Judith at the Albany Expo. He had once responded to the SwittersB blog re the fly fishing industry and in particular his success within that industry. I wanted to once again post his response to me because it is indicative of the following: Brian is a nice man; he has seen all aspects of the industry and in light of his recent successes with Catch Magazine, it is timely to give an inside glimpse of the man and his down to earth persona.   

Brian O'Keefe

Brian O'Keefe

“Now, to the other side of the sport, once an angler gets some sort of notoriety. I am still embarrassed at club introductions. Some guys will go on and on when I would really like to be introduced as just a fishing bum with a camera. I have just as much respect for a local guy in Washington who has six lakes wired, who has several steelhead streams dialed in and can tie great flies and cast well. He may not get an invite to float a river in Argentina for free (nothing is free, more on that later) but he might be an excellent father, husband, dedicated nine to five worker, etc. That describes a lot of my local fishing buddies.”


Catch Magazine (next installment coming tomorrow…sign up for visual bliss)


Pretty well highlighted by the blogs, sites and rags, but in case you have been busy….CATCH Magazine, the ezine image fix for fly fishing exploits ranging from its’ hub in the Pacific NW and far, far beyond, is due out tomorrow. Sign up to recieve the monthly installment of amazing photography,  presentation and the destinations many of us only dream about. Now that disposable income is at risk or awaiting the Nanny State’s acquisition…we need the visual motivation to dream, endure and if you are one of the fortunate, to plan. Subscribe to receive the magazine and you are always eligible in the monthly drawing for prizes…..

Please forward a link to Catch Magazine to anyone you know who would enjoy Catch Magazine and who might like a chance to win some of our great prizes. The Subscription Contest prize, for the March issue, is a pair of men’s, and a pair of women’s, Oakley polarized sunglasses. All new and existing subscribers will be automatically entered to win these great fly fishing glasses. A men’s winner and a women’s winner will be picked April 30th. Winners of our subscription contest and other prizes and trips will be posted on our blog. Click here to view our blog.  The March issue cover shot features a beautiful sunset bonefishing shot with Avalon Fishing Centers Cuba.

Thank You Brian O’Keefe and Todd Moen      (    (Listen to Brian O’Keefe and Matt discuss Catch Magazine….great inteview)

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