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Photography: Random Stuff in Passing Down the Road

Photography, for me, is sometimes random snaps. Impulse driven, I see something and take a photograph. Sometimes it is a shape, a color, a pleasing line, a jagged edge. Maybe it includes a person, but usually doesn’t. So, like that point in a move when only a little this and that is left on the floor and you throw it all into box and load it up….here are a few shots for no coordinated reason:

A lightning strike? It may have been. The charred bush seemed to be the epicenter. But, then I walked up and saw thicker limbs off of near by trees, the sawed ends giving away their origin. A fire to stay warm that got out of control? Too bad given the fire pits in camps nearby. The fire could have been worse. Excuse the bold lettering.

My dependable Ross Reel (the old Cimarron). There are many dependable reels available world wide. I have had great luck with the Ross Reels. I have stayed mid-range in pricing for most, but have purchased starter reels for others at a reasonable, inexpensive price.

An empty canal extending out of Haystack Reservoir in Central Oregon. It is part of a greater irrigation canal system that originates from larger lakes off the Hwy. 97 corridor. I liked the stark contrast of an empty canal just beside a large dam holding back lots of water.

A Lake Box. Not 'The" Lake Box. There are too many fly boxes loaded into the boat's pouches for there to be but one. This box makes a pretense of orderliness, but it doesn't last. This particular box does not hold Mayfly, Caddis, Streamers or Scud patterns. Those, of course, are nearby in other boxes.

The Man standing on my rig's canopy. A silly little toy I found at my Aunt's hoarding home (see Hoarding Woes & You if you want to know why I have not been getting to fish much the last three years). I pose this little guy in various shots as a good luck charm. I also figure I can use his pose to highlight how big the one that got away was....someday.

The simple beauty of a rock with some green grass. In this instance, the rock was next to others put there by man, imposing 'natural' barriers to off road travel down to the lake. Partly this is great to avoid erosion and destruction. But, it keeps RV like rigs and vehicles in the full high desert sun. I don't have AC in my ancient tent trailer, so as much as I would like to camp near such a spot, the thought of hours spent waiting for the trailer to cool off, even with windows open and winds blowing, is off putting. And, I'm not going back to tent camping....thank you very much! So, the rocks win. That's ok.

I said they were random. Oddball impulses. I drove by others that I wish I would have stopped for: an old barn…a stockyard in Madras full of cattle…an abandoned restaurant sign for Charlie’s Chinese…Pizza and Mexican food or some such combo…a farm yard surrounding an old home, single wide trailer and a dozen broken down trucks, goats and some washers and dryers (not sure why, just such a cluster f#%k of crap)…roadside crosses for the violently departed via MVA’s (there were some touching ones). Ok, that’s enough for now.


Eric McMillan Nymphing for Steelhead

Some solely swing flies (the quartered cast and the fly swung in an arc across the river) for steelhead (or salmon) because of the challenge, or the purist mind set or because they haven’t realized an alternative technique exits. Nymphing for steelhead (or salmon) can be the best option on smaller streams. Sometimes the best presentation is a horizontal or a lateral presentation of the fly rather than swung on an arc. Note in video below that friends are siting for angler from above and relaying steelhead’s actions. A true friend sets the rod aside to aid the angler.

Some fly fishers inadvertently hook into steelhead while fishing for trout. This is often with a trout rod and a smaller nymph and the steelhead wins. But, it sparks the connection and the appreciation for a slightly bigger nymph and a little more muscle in the rod.

Roll Cast, Mend, Set

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Prince Nymph in Larger Size Good for Steelhead Nymphing (SB)

Ah, yes the egg pattern...Babine Special (SB)

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