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New Fly Fisher: Take Fly Tying Classes

As Fall nears this is a great time to contact your local fly fishing shop or community college and check out the availability of fly tying classes. It is a never ending  journey when learning fly fishing. Adding fly tying and fishing with your own creations elevates the enjoyment of solving puzzles of fly fishing. ‘The moment’ when you hook and play a fish on one of your creations will put a big smile on your face.



Fly Fishing Industry: Costco, Cabelas v. The Shop


This industry piece re Costco is interesting to read, especially if you do honestly support the small shop. Pay particular attention to the comments as well, as there is much to be digested there also: “It’s time for manufacturers to quit making the industry something it isn’t and truly become partners once again with specialty stores. Fly fishing specialty stores have little to no say in marketing products. Manufacturers control the product, the place, the packaging, the promotion, and the price. The same rules applied to specialty retailers need to be followed by the manufacturers at all times or their credibility is lost. Allowing products to be slipped through the cracks is inexcusable. Mass producing products that aren’t needed and turning a blind eye to sales that are “too good to be true” doesn’t do anything towards nurturing a fragile industry.”  Jerry Lappier

By the article, if true, the fly fishing manufacturers/industry have indeed lost their way. So too have they over priced many components of the sport. Seriously over priced! Get real. Kudos to those providing mid-level quality products. A reckoning for all of us, it seems, is coming.


Fly Shops Beware (THIEF CAUGHT!)

Fly Shops Fish For Thief

Denver Metro Fly Fishing Shops Targeted By Serial Robber

“A man posing as a customer told them his mother was on the way to the shop and the two of them planned to buy a present for his father.Long and the man went outside to try out a rod.”He could talk the talk and cast the cast,” said Long. Then, Long said, the man asked to see another rod. When Long brought it out, the “customer” and the $620 rod were nowhere to be found.

Hindsight…yes, yes. Some one is passing along some sweet deals on line.

GuysFliesPies advised me that Moldy Chum~America’s Most Wanted (no offense Mr. Barton) is already on the case!  Only for the sake of clarity, from another life, ‘robberies’ is incorrect. A robbery requires a use of force to commit a theft. Unless there was a tussle or weapon displayed in the parking lot over a 5wt. these are probably Aggravated Felony Theft….that aside, the appropriate penalty is: tie him to an Aspen sans pants, coat his tenates in some bear bait and …………..   What? Oh? Well perhaps some form of rehab is in order.

“The result? DPD gumshoes caught their man red-handed while trying to sell his ill-gotten wares at a Lakewood pawn shop.  Little Denver Barneys can now go to sleep at night without nightmares of waking up to a vanished Sage reel.”


Support Local Fly Shops

Yes, you can order on eBay, shop at the big box ‘sportsman’s warehouse’ or find little discoveries at yarn shops and fabric stores. However, when it is all said and done, picture the demise of fly shops (given these tough times and our refusal to purchase big ticket items at the shops) and the impact it would have on issues we profess to care about. The fly shop should be like the mercantile with the pot bellied stove…where shop owner, employees and customers gossip and pass on important information and total BS. The important information is often related to habitat, environmental and use/access issues. The shop provides a central hub for potential coordinated efforts to address important issues.This is a world wide call to support your local shop.

Logo Care of  Ulf Börjesson and found at Eco Fly (FB)


Fly Shop Etiquette (don’t be a dick)

waspI have written about this before, but pretty much from the fly shop owner angle. To recap: if you own a shop practice the Golden Rule (do onto others as…in case you forgot), don’t act so nonchalant and cool, and develop customer goodwill and loyalty (the Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene follows this practice for one. I go there 2-3 times a month and they are always spot on perfect). Not everyone that lays out $1,500+ for a two hander outfit is a doctor, businessman or pot dealer. Some peope are anxious over spending that much money…gently help them along. Buyer’s remorse won’t help your shop.

BUT, for the customer a few salient points of conduct: don’t be a dick (no not named after your favorite villain Dick Cheney). Don’t walk into the shop with an arrogant chip on your Ex-Officio shoulder. Don’t brag about where you have been thereby attempting to put the owner in place or gain status. Don’t hang out for an hour telling boring stories to boost your ego in their eyes and purchase nary a fly. Don’t hold a struggling shop hostage with your purchase. Shops don’t have a lot of wiggle room on pricing so if you are really shopping make your purchase on shop loyalty (note shop nice). So, customer, if you walk into a shop with an attitude and brag and talk in the condescending tones of some elitist…you are a dick; a dick in the shop, a dick at home and a dick on the river. Knock it off.   

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