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Fly Tying: Tandem Hooks Worms~Nereids

A tandem hook set up can be used for freshwater, not so freshwater and saltwater. A wiggly, worm/nereids pattern is possible with two stinger type hooks. I was researching various nymph rigging setups and came upon a saltwater multi-fly set up, which led to the tandem hook set up I thought worth sharing. It provides a worthy fly pattern for various species of fish. A smaller version of Derek Fergus’ MOAL pattern.

Scorpion Worm c/o (SwittersB)



Fly Fishing: Rip Presentation..What Is This?

I was perusing Bish & Fish and saw a reference to ‘rip’ fly fishing in his article about what time of day to fish for trout. I thought maybe I knew what it was, but decided to research it. Well, everyone appears to know what this means except me. Little if any explanation on the net. But, that name is still catchy for many: Rip Tide Charters, Riptide Tackle, Riptide Anglers, Rip Tide Fly Rods, Rip Tide Reels, Riptide Magazine…..what the hell is a rip tide or rip as it relates to fly fishing. I picture a strong outgoing tide with an undertow, one you don’t venture into at the coast. But, beyond that….hmm? So, I queried the original source for all this..Bish & Fish. I queried his search box and came up with some leads.

In this instance, I think it is when an inlet stream or river enters a lake, as opposed to a river meeting the ocean? I assume a ‘rip’ is a ‘riptide’? No? Well, I still don’t really know. Presentation, structure, contour, holding water, feed. All about that, but something new to learn for sure. Interesting.

“Rips occur wherever current flows over an area where the depth changes rapidly. For example, rips can be created by shoals, ledges, reefs, rock piles and even wrecks. Basically anything that disrupts the contour of the surrounding bottom can lead to rip formation. On the surface, a rip is identified by a distinct line of choppy water known as a rip line. The force of all the water flowing over the reef or shoal pushes against the surface creating the line of chop.”  New Britain Herald

“These rips are formed by current flowing over a raised section of rocky bottom, also called a reef by some fishermen. Careful boat-handling is often required around reefs and ledges, since many are studded with enormous, boat-eating boulders. As with a shoal rip, the shallower water of the ledge or reef creates a stronger current and a choppy rip line. Sometimes a big ledge will contain several rip lines formed by rocky sections that rise up higher than the surrounding ledge structure. It’s these “high spots” that often offer the best fishing.”  Reel-Time

“Most fishermen who fish river and stream mouths make a beeline for the centre of the rip, cast out and retrieve up the rip. Many catch fish using this method, but it is my observation that the fishermen who catch the most, and biggest fish, do not fish in the main rip where the river enters the lake….In the diagram hereabouts I have attempted to illustrate the dynamics of a typical rip. The diagram is not to scale, but designed to show how most rips develop, and the prime positions to fish.”  Oh, back to the original source…Bish & Fish...why did I wander off?


Fly Fishing: Redfish~Something I Would Like to Do Someday

Red Fish (Bart Larmouth @

My fishing fantasies tend toward the North (Alaska, B.C., Quebec, Yukon). But, now and then, I will catch a show of guys working a back channel of a marsh for Redfish and I think I could enjoy that, especially with a fly rod. Maybe someday.


Fly Tying: Craft Store Ideas

Support you local fly shop, but don’t ignore yarn shops and craft stores for the occasional discovery of interesting fly tying materials. Walk about with an air of confidence and purpose. If you don’t, the female employees and customers with activate the pervert alert devices unless you are already comfortable with dry floral arranging and beading.

A few years ago, I made the discovery of a craft store boa. Strung marabou plumes in various shades at about $8.00+ per boa. Each boa is enough for several hundred flies.

There are also, assorted packages of lesser grade feathers that might serve some tying purpose.

I don’t do much in the way of attaching adhesive eyes on streamers and then overlaying epoxy or some clear goop. But, there was a section of adhesive eyes and similar attachments.

Craft stores and yarn shops always have one or more finds that are easily used in fly tying. Not so many that you will forsake fly shops or mail order, but enough to make you venture into the lands of artificial flowers and crochet hooks.


Loreto, Baja Fly Fishing Preparation

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Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear

I made my way to Loreto, Baja (pronounced Lo-Ret-O, no Spanish Lo-Ray-to) for a brief visit. This is a very beautiful little town. Some of the usual tourist trappings, but not too much. I had my gear with me from fishing further South, but I did not have time in Loreto to wet a line. FlyFishUSA, an Oregon Shop, has taken the time to put together a travel to Loreto and fly fish checklist and suggestions piece. That sunshine looks awfully inviting about now.

Loreto, Baja, Mexico (SwittersB)

Loreto, Baja, Mexico (SwittersB)


Tampa Fly Fishing: The Spring Itch or Bitch

A good friend in St. Pete’s area is scouting Charlotte Harbor to Venice to Siesta Key for snook, baby tarps and speckled trout. He  wades along the edge of the grass and throws  Clousers, Deceivers and his own concocted streamer patters  in a combo of dark over grey, white, silver, maybe a touch of red. He uses an 8 wt. and a floating line. He spends most of his time stalking along the edges and does not fish blind. I have not fished down this way, but my son has with our good friend and they find fish in the Spring (year around for that matter). Bill Jackson’s (sporting goods store in area) is a source of info (and gear) for our friend. He is self taught from wandering the bays and shorelines. No boat or guides, he has spent a great deal of time, when not golfing, exploring and observing. Says it has been unusually cold recently (Additional Info about Tampa area) (Primal Fly Crew Doubtful Starters..Cold Snap Hurt) (Florida Snook Closure extention)

Clouser, La Buena, Lefty RayLa Buena Clouser by Lefty Ray


Fly Tying: Bug Bond (the clearer & durable resin)

Bugeel by Andy Elliott of Belfast

I did a short post awhile back re patterns with a resin covered head and Simon Graham commented he was using a new product called Bug Bond. I came across posts at DEESOX and a UK Salt Water forum, which again pointed to Bug Bond, a product created in the UK by David Edwards. I have not messed with two step epoxy’s and only used UV gels for covering the knots of the butt section/end of fly line. For those that want to provide that glistening, life like appearance this Bug Bond might be a simpler, more durable product. BUG BOND.

I am not sure if Bug Bond is distributed in the U.S. I also wonder if anyone has experimented with Loon UV Cure (I have used for knots and wader repair) in fly tying (durability/clear?)


Fly tying: UV Heads (Excellent Tip From Bones on the Brain)

Bones On the Brain pointed out a well researched piece by bcarson4374 at Kiene’s Fly Shop Forum dated January 2008. A lot of well thought out considerations here re various epoxy like materials used to form clear, durable heads on saltwater patterns but relevent to fresh water patterns as well. Simon Graham has a suggestion as well.

UV Cure Products Test Study

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